1st through 5th Grade
Ages 6-10


Learning with Purpose

ISQ believes every child is a special person created with individual gifts, talents, and needs. Our elementary program, teachers, environment, and activities create a warm space where each child can grow in and become purposeful, active learners early on. Elementary students gain and grow critical skills, explore new and exciting ideas, work together with peers, and develop positive character traits.


Curriculum in Elementary includes daily English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Chinese Language and science, art, music, physical education, and character education throughout the week. Additionally, ISQ students' personal and academic growth are enhanced with socioemotional programs, counseling, library, technology lessons, and student assembly.

English Language Arts

Our elementary students are inspired to read for pleasure, learn new information, share their thoughts and feelings, and speak confidently and dynamically. Through a variety of activities, projects, and lessons, language skills form bringing meaning to life.


Students in first through fifth grade math are immersed in our curriculum that emphasizes rigorous concept development, procedural skills, and realistic and relevant tasks curriculum stresses rigorous concept to connect with, build upon, and refine their mathematical understandings.

Physical Education

Students in physical education develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

Visual Arts

Elementary students interact with basic materials and techniques giving them a foundation for the visual arts. Art allows students to uniquely express themselves, creating a foundation to become independent and creative.


Elementary develop strong music proficiency by creating music through improvisation and written compositions, performing music of various styles for differing purposes and audiences, responding to music through movement, art, writing, and discussion, and recognizing the connection between music and society, culture, and other subject areas.

Social Studies

A strong understanding of history and social studies is a central value for our future leaders. As students grow to become globally minded in our Elementary program, they ask questions and learn about their family, friends, teachers, and neighbors before broadening their awareness with the basics of geography, economics, citizenship, exploration of different cultures, and public service roles.

Character Education

Our students ask questions about life and develop to become tomorrow's leaders who seek truth, act compassionately, and lead with integrity.


Students experiment and create during hands-on science class focused on earth science, life science, physical sciences.


China and Chinese language is brought to life by our Chinese specialists. Whether your child is new to China or is tenured in their Chinese language, there's a suitable level for them to grow in.

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