1st through 5th Grade
Ages 6-10

Learning with Purpose

ISQ believes every child is a special person created with individual gifts, talents, and needs. Our elementary program, teachers, environment, and activities create a warm space where each child can grow in and become purposeful, active learners early on. Elementary students gain and grow critical skills, explore new and exciting ideas, work together with peers, and develop positive character traits.

Genuine Learning

Our youngest learners grow holistically with our robust, balanced iSC curriculum and emphasis on their wellbeing.

Qualified Teachers

Out of our 60 highly qualified education staff, 45% of our educators hold a master's degree or higher.


Curriculum in Elementary includes daily English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Chinese Language and science, art, music, physical education, and character education throughout the week. Additionally, ISQ students' personal and academic growth are enhanced with socioemotional programs, counseling, library, technology lessons, and student assembly.

English Language Arts

Our teachers cultivate the foundations for listening, reading, writing, and conveying ideas, thoughts, and feelings.


Elementary teachers approach mathematics from a variety of ways and _____.

Physical Education

Physical Education gives your child opportunities to build large and small muscle skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Visual Arts

Elementary students interact with basic materials and techniques giving them a foundation for the visual arts. Art allows students to uniquely express themselves, creating a foundation to become independent and creative.


Elementary develop strong music proficiency by creating music through improvisation and written compositions, performing music of various styles for differing purposes and audiences, responding to music through movement, art, writing, and discussion, and recognizing the connection between music and society, culture, and other subject areas.

Social Studies

UPDATE. LITTLE MORE ACADEMIC, PRAGMATIC Students learn about connections in their family, neighborhood, and community and how everyone can positively impact their surroundings.

Character Education

FILL something about iSC 9?


FILL refer to ECC


FILL refer to ECC

Passions Ignited

Athletics and activities at International School of Qingdao are where students can discover and express their passions, leveraging and complementing what they've learned in our core subjects.

Elementary students can participate in a variety of after school activities (ASAs) on Monday and Wednesdays, perform in concerts, and go on field trips to continue learning outside the classroom, serve others, and be immersed in different Chinese culture.

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