Early Childhood Center

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
Ages 3-5


Learning Through Discoveries

Students in our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten (ages 3-5) are given a bright start within our nurturing environment of security, caring teachers, and purpose-driven learning. Our Early Childhood Center (ECC) education is designed with a purpose - to grow and help our students begin discovering their unique gifts and talents.

The ECC begins building the foundations of our students' critical thinking, comprehension, and social skills. On any given day as you walk by our classrooms, you will see our students making their imaginations come to life, embracing newfound concepts, and collaborating with their classmates from different cultures. Students will learn to communicate and cooperate with others, sing new songs, play exciting content-driven games, share, laugh, and grow. All while loving to learn.


Curriculum in the ECC includes daily English, math, character education, social studies, and science, art, music, Chinese, and physical education throughout the week. Students have library time on a weekly basis and get to know our lower grades counselor throughout the year.

English Language Arts

Our Early Childhood Center cultivates the foundations for listening, reading, writing, and conveying ideas, thoughts, and feelings. English Language Arts is built sequentially to connect foundational skills in our three and four year old classes to emerging skills in kindergarten.


ECC teachers focus on approaching mathematics from a variety of ways and building basic mathematical practices.

Physical Education

Physical Education in the ECC gives your child opportunities to build large and small muscle skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Visual Arts

Our specialized art teachers and classroom teachers help students creatively explore the visual arts with painting, drawing, crafting, and more!


ECC students have positive experiences singing along and creatively expressing themselves and their interpretations throughout the year in specialized music time.

Social Studies

Students learn about connections in their family, neighborhood, and community and how everyone can positively impact their surroundings.

Character Education

Even our littlest students have big dreams and big questions. Students explore their world, purpose, and ways to care for one another.


Hands on, stimulating activities and experiments teach students about physical matter, organisms, earth's systems, and so much more!


Students learn functional vocabulary, patterns, and communicate differently in their early years, expanding and enriching their worldview.

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