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Our Best Investment

As a non-profit school we spend over 60 percent of all tuition earnings on finding and retaining the best staff for our school. ISQ creates an atmosphere that cultivates exceptional learning and extraordinary care when we invest in our teachers first.

2023-24 Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are reviewed each spring during the enrollment period. All costs can be paid according to an approved payment plan.

Grade Annual Tuition
ECC Five Full Day Option ¥128,400
ECC Five Half Day Option ¥ 86,000
Elementary Grades 1-5 ¥202,500
Middle School Grades 6-8 ¥212,100
High School Grades 9-12 ¥215,200
Service/Other Fees
Registration Fee (New Students Only) ¥10,000
Assessment Fee (New Students Only) ¥600
Busing ¥8,600
Lunch ¥28 per meal for ECC & G1, ¥33 per meal for G2-G12
Middle School: iPad; High School: MacBook Family Provided
Dress Code/Uniforms Variable; average cost ¥500 to ¥1,000 RMB

Additional Information

General Policies
  • International School of Qingdao’s School Fees document acts as an invoice; family specific invoices can be provided upon request.
  • ISQ can only issue fapiaos (receipts) for registration and tuition. Upon request, a transportation fapiao can be issued directly by the bus company.
  • Payments are due according to the dates listed on the International School of Qingdao School Fees document or new student admissions acceptance email.
  • Parents are responsible to ensure payments are made and our Finance Office is properly notified, including when 3rd parties cover all or part of tuition and fees.
  • All bank charges for wire transfers are to be borne by the remitter.
  • If government regulators impose additional mandatory social insurance costs to the school during the academic year, additional fees may be added.
Bank Information

China Bank Account (RMB only)
(School Name): 学校名称:青岛MTI国际学校
(Bank Name): 银行名称:招商银行青岛崂山支行
(Bank Account): 532900152410202

US Bank Account (USD only)
Beneficiary’s Name: Qingdao MTI International School
Beneficiary’s A/C Number: 000000501511170106

Payment Procedure

Payment made by telegraphic transfer (TT) should be sent to the ISQ bank address under Bank Information. All transfer fees (including domestic and international transfer fees) must be charged to your account and not taken out of school tuition.

A bank transfer receipt must be presented to the school office within two business days of the transfer or else the payment will not be credited in a timely manner. Please email the transfer receipt to and

Include the following information in the email or delivered receipt to help us accurately credit your account:

  • Student’s full name, student’s grade, parent’s phone number
  • The full name of the person/company that ISQ should issue the fapiao to
  • Payment breakdown with title (Enrollment fee, tuition, bus fee, lunch fee, etc.) and total payment amount
Early Withdrawal & Refund Policy

If the school is unable to provide part or all of the school curriculum due to force majeure such as natural disasters, government actions, social anomalies, etc., the school will not bear financial responsibility. As far as possible, the school will adopt alternative courses (such as online courses or other forms of courses) to achieve the curriculum objectives of normal teaching.

  • Assessment Fee, Re-Enrollment Fee, and Registration Fee (New Students) is non-refundable.
  • Tuition and transportation are refunded for remaining full quarters not attended; the student’s remaining lunch account will be refunded.
  • Grade 12 students who graduate in December will be required to pay 60% of the school annual tuition.
  • For early withdrawal of student from school, please notify the Admissions office in writing via After notification of withdrawal is sent to Admissions, you will receive instructions to complete. Our Finance Office will contact you after to confirm your child’s remaining balance and when refunds are issued. Refunds are completed after the student’s last day of school.
  • No portion of tuition shall be refunded for a student dismissed by expulsion or for disciplinary reasons.
  • Tuition and fees are not transferable to another student.
  • Report cards and transcripts will be withheld from students with delinquent accounts.

All refunds must be asked for in writing via email to

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