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Our uniform consists of either blue or white polo shirt with an embroidered ISQ logo. We also have a separate athletics and PE uniforms for middle school and high school, which consists of ISQ PE shirt and shorts. In the colder weather, students can also wear long sleeve polos (blue or white) and an ISQ jacket.

Students may wear non-ISQ attire on different occasions like field trips or House Events while still adhering to our school dress codes.

A visual guide for daily dress code can be viewed here.

Uniforms Sales & Delivery

Families may purchase ISQ polos, PE shirts and shorts, and athletic uniforms from our vendor, K12Org, by visiting

K12Org has prepared a useful order guide for families to follow here, along with exchange policies and FAQs.

After purchases are made, K12Org products are delivered to school and then sent home with the student. On average, distribution of K12Org products take between 4-7 days after purchase to be passed over to students.


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