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November 30, 2023

High school science students took over the lobby with their semester long research projects

Inquiry based learning is at its best at our annual high school science fair. Twenty seven students worked together to complete eleven projects over the last few months, making it the largest high school science fair in nearly ten years.

Amongst the presentations, there were nine research projects and two engineering projects covering various fields such as energy conservation, fitness, environmental protection, health care, animal behavior, chemical corrosion prevention, refrigeration, sensing, and programming. The majority of the students spent more than three months conducting research and experimentation, with one project lasting over a year. The students' relentless efforts will provide valuable experience for their future scientific research development, helping them to develop the qualities of curiosity and persistence.

This science fair received great support from parents, science teachers at Qihui School and staff from various departments at International School of Qingdao. We were fortunate to have expert judges for each project, including active science teachers, AP course teachers and elite professionals in relevant science fields. These judges provided students with professional and objective feedback and suggestions, giving them valuable learning opportunities on the day of the fair. The final rankings will be announced this Friday, but as of now, it appears that 9 students from 4 projects will be selected to participate in the China Regional International School Science and Technology Exhibition to be held on January 18 in Chengdu.

Shine Shi, longtime Science Head of Department said of the fair, "The students' curiosity and creativity are a tremendous treasure. This science fair has allowed us a glimpse into their abilities and has left us delighted. Our Science Department is dedicated to respecting and embracing the endless curiosity and creativity of our students, providing opportunities and platforms for scientific experiments, questioning, exploration, and sharing. Let us all strive together to appreciate the beauty of science and cultivate our students' scientific thinking!"

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