Safety at ISQ

Exceptional Care

To ensure the safety of our students, parents and visitors are required to sign-in at the information desk upon entering the school building. Badges identifying parents and visitors are available at the guard station and must be worn at all times while on campus.

We take extraordinary measures with International SOS to keep our students and staff safe. We're proud to be recognized as one of the best in education.


  • Security measures that provide a safe learning environment.
  • Strict pick-up policy
  • When in the care of our staff, all children are accompanied, supervised, and in line of sight at all times without exception
  • The majority of our staff members are CPR and First Aid certified
  • All bus drivers have yearly driver safety training
  • First aid certified staff are present at every school event
  • An AED is provided in the event of an emergency


  • All schools obtain fire code certification from their local fire bureau
  • Alarm systems and fire suppression equipment are in place


Air quality and the effects of heavily polluted air on children’s health is a serious concern. For that reason, ISQ's indoor facilities (classrooms, hallways and areas for indoor sport and play) are closed from outside air and constantly provided with filtered air though our Centralized Air Filtration System. This allows us to continue with classes and sports, even on heavily polluted days. Every day we check the air quality index before physical activities (AQI).

For our outdoor facilities a policy is in place to adjust activities in an attempt to safeguard the health and wellness of our students. This policy applies to outdoor sports as well as outdoor playtime. Teachers will immediately pull a student from an activity if he/she shows signs of abnormal respiratory distress, and notify the school nurse for further monitoring.


Healthy, well-balanced food is crucial for each child’s development. This starts with a kitchen that meets health standards. Our kitchen and dining areas are regularly checked by government safety inspectors to assure that all hygiene standards are met and hygiene procedures are followed.

Each day, our students can choose between Chinese and international food. They can of course also bring their own lunch and warm it up in microwaves provided in the cafeteria.


As a member of International SOS an event plan is developed for each off-campus event.
The plan includes:

  • Staff pre-visit the trip destination to confirm all accommodation, food, activity and service information
  • Destination and event details are approved by International SOS
  • Permission to travel forms signed by parent / guardian
  • Medical information pertaining to trip participants who require specific medical assistance
  • List of teachers and chaperones, with contact information
  • List of students on the trip, with current emergency phone numbers
  • For overnight and out of city event, a calling tree in the safety plan ensures full contact

2018 Safety and Security Poster Winner, Hayden Smith from Chengdu International School