Welcome to the high school division of ISQ. I believe that the high school years are an amazing time where students develop and progress into adulthood. During grades 9–12, my staff and I have the privilege to guide students as they grow academically, shape their view on who they are, and develop their own beliefs about the world.

My name is Chris Dentel, and I am the high school principal at ISQ. I began teaching in 2004 and have loved investing in each and every one of my students’ lives. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects. Serving as the high school principal, my staff and I are honored to partner with ISQ students and their parents.

At ISQ, we have a wonderful and unique program that combines rigorous academics in an environment that fosters holistic personal growth for each student. We teach and encourage students to master all core content while promoting exploration of different interests. We also greatly value positive teacher-student and student-student interaction. Our staff members invest their time and efforts into each student to build relationships and support students in present and future pursuits. I believe this leads to both the feelings of safety and security in our students’ experience.

Another important aspect of our high school program is our emphasis on worldview. In the spirit of Socrates and Plato, we challenge students to “know thyself,” asking them to both articulate and defend their own worldview. This is achieved through both classes that focus on worldview as well as an emphasis on what being a “third culture kid” means and how it impacts their identity.

I have no doubt that students who graduate from ISQ will leave with not only a quality education, but also with skills, “family,” and a better understanding of who they are.

Thank you,

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High School Activities

For high school, we offer a variety of activities for students to experience. We know that growth in and out of the classroom is important to prepare students for life after ISQ. Check out our activities!

Meet the Staff

High school is full of fun, friendly people that are here to serve your student’s needs. Meet our high school teachers and other staff over on our Staff Page.