Hello Parents,

I am excited to share with you about the Bright Start Early Childhood Center (ECC) which serves our youngest ISQ students. The Bright Start program begins with our two-year-olds’ Junior Foundations class and ends with Kindergarten graduation to the ISQ elementary program. During these formative years, we have the privilege of providing a caring environment to help these children grow as learners who are curious about their world.

During the time your child spends at Bright Start, they will be in a balanced environment, nurtured by trained teachers, and prepared for their ongoing education. Our classrooms are filled with learning through exploration, large and small group activities, and teacher-directed balanced instruction with specific goals for the children’s growth. Bright Start’s low student-teacher ratios demonstrate our priority of caring for each child, so they feel safe and nurtured in a school environment. When our kindergarteners finish their time at Bright Start, they are well-prepared to begin elementary; they have the skills and curiosity to explore their world.

It has been my joy to work at ISQ since the fall of 2008. I began as a second grade teacher and transitioned to the Bright Start Principal position in 2014. During my growing-up years, my family moved several times within the United States, and I personally experienced making new friends, learning new school cultures, and valuing my family in unfamiliar places. When we have new students arrive at Bright Start, I understand how it feels to be in a new place with new people and routines. As your child’s first teachers, we value the family and recognize the need for family support and involvement during your child’s earliest transitions to school; I certainly know I could not have transitioned well without my family!

Bright Start staff, students, parents, and community feel like a large family. We care for and love one another, and it shows in how we teach and nurture our students. I look forward to having you as part of our community.

Most sincerely,

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Bright Start Activities

At Bright Start, we believe in giving kids lots of options. That’s why we offer a variety of activities to stimulate your little one’s mind.

Meet the Staff

Bright Start’s friendly teachers and staff are always ready to love and care for your child. Meet all of our staff over on the Staff Page.

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