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My name is Dr. Daniel Albert and my role at ISQ focuses on charting out curriculum and student growth.  ISQ knows that the success of your child very important to you. So, our staff members pour countless hours into creating curriculum and programming that meets your child’s needs. We love teaching students from all over the world, and we have a passion to see them explore, learn, and grow in a safe environment.

Our curriculum is focused on helping all of our students learn. Though we retain strong academic program ties to the American-based curricula, we also seek out and include the best international curriculum for our program. ISQ partners with our accrediting institutions, WASC and NCCT, and the five other schools that belong to the International Schools of China (iSC) to create solid and unified standards for iSC that are reviewed every five years. Our teachers constantly work to develop their teaching skills because we know that education is dynamic. ISQ’s commitment to remain current in international best practices, regarding instruction and strategies that promote strong language acquisition, cooperative learning, critical thinking, and decision-making, drives the quality of education at ISQ to be the best.

Programming at ISQ helps students not only learn knowledge and skills, but it also gives students the opportunities to regularly apply them. From the emphasis on exploration and creativity in the early childhood and elementary classrooms, to the opportunities for service learning, music, theatre, athletics, and extracurricular clubs in the secondary program, all of our students benefit from real-life learning that will prepare them to succeed after ISQ.

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Academic Results

ISQ has been a leader in academic achievement in the greater Qingdao area since we opened our doors in 1996. Our robust curriculum prepares students for their next grade level while simultaneously laying the foundation for their matriculation to university. ISQ students’ average SAT scores are some of the highest in Asia with some of our students earning perfect scores. Beyond test scores, there is a long list of top universities around the world where our students have been accepted.

After university, ISQ alumni have gone on to be successful visual artists, professional actors, nuclear researchers, engineers, United Nations workers, doctors, accomplished business professionals, and more.

School Activities

At ISQ, we believe in educating the whole child. To that end, ISQ sponsors a number of all-school and community activities. Here are a few of the highlights from the past year (you can learn even more by exploring each school’s individual page: Bright Start, Elementary, Middle School, High School).

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