Student Wellbeing

Extraordinary Care

Every day of the week, over 40 support staff members are working together to orchestrate safe, nurturing, and welcoming environments. These staff run parallel with our instructional program and passionate educators to support your child's health, socioemotional wellbeing, and safety through the most important years of their life.


Counseling at ISQ is integral to shaping the next generation of leaders. From socio-emotional counseling and teaching to guiding students in their journey to universities, our counselors stay present in our students lives.

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Health and Safety

Safe learning spaces are the bedrock of effective learning. From our campus grounds to our off-campus excursions, International School of Qingdao goes through an exhaustive list and process to make sure our students can thrive anywhere.

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Our Campus and Services

The best school isn't measured by distance from home, but rather is measured by the excellence of its education and the distance teachers, administrators, and the community is willing to go to succeed. Learn more about our campus, bus, and lunch services.

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A Glance at Last School Year

Read our annual report to see our students' growth, accomplishments, and celebrations.