Support Staff

Support Staff

Rose Xu

Security, Purchasing, and Cafeteria Manager

Esther Sun

Transportation Manager

Lisa Liu

Manager of FMH

Jane Chen

Finance Manager

Cherry Zhang


Jessica Qiu


Melanie Wang

HR Director

Carol Tan

Public Relationship Director

Geetha Bridgeman

MAP Testing Coordinator

Carl Post

Team Director

Amanda Yuan

Chinese Education Liaison

John Wu

IT General Manager

Caleb Tan

IT Engineer

Emily Xu

IT Engineer

Fan Zhao

PowerSchool Engineer

Connie Li

CLTC Teacher

Maggie Li

CLTC Teacher

Abigail Zhang

HR Assistant

Qiao Hongqi

Cafeteria Staff

Rebekah Wang

Cafeteria Staff

Shirley Cui

Cafeteria Staff

Mary Guo