Lighthouse News Summer Edition #3

Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
August 31 New Student Orientation
September 1 First Day of School – Half-Day
September 2-3 Photo Days

Safe On Campus

We are looking forward, more than ever, to having our students back on campus for the new school year.

We are keeping to our safety policies like last semester and will continue to monitor our campus safety. This will ensure that our students, staff and teachers are able to be together but also remain healthy.

This is a summary of what the plan covers, but if you would like to view the entire plan, you can view our Virus and Safety Control Plan (link below).

The plan includes:

  • Disinfecting and ventilating the school campus and school bus several times a day
  • Limiting access to campus
  • Mandatory hand sterilization upon school entry, and between restrooms, classrooms and office spaces
  • Checking temperatures for all students and staff multiple times per day
  • Ensuring adequate social distancing during class, lunch time, and recess
  • Creating an isolation area for anyone who becomes sick during the school day
  • Stocking up on all necessary PPE and cleaning supplies

Students Entering Campus/Beginning School

Please ensure that your child’s daily temperature logs are recorded in PowerSchool for 14 consecutive days until the first day of school.

Families who have been outside Shandong or China this summer will need to submit negative COVID-19 test results to their appropriate divisional principals' assistant. If your child is in ECC/Elementary, please email the negative test results June Sun, and if your child is in Secondary please email Sarah Cheng.

For Parents

We’ll be closely monitoring our school’s safety over the next few weeks of school and continue to ask parents to refrain from visiting campus until further notice. After school begins we will re-evaluate our safety plans and look for ways for parents to visit our campus, such as starting with visits by appointment. If you need to drop anything off at school for your child, please arrange to pass this to June Sun or Sarah Cheng.

Though we’ll remain physically distant, we still desire close relationships with our parents. Please find more information about how to stay connected with ISQ in our next message.

June Sun’s Contact Information:
88815668 - 72031

Sarah Cheng's Contact Information:
88815668 - 75020

Virus and Safety Control Plan

Message from our Head of School

As we’ve prepared for this upcoming school year, please watch this video from Mr. Ben Yap as he shares goals and plans for our students and teachers, and appreciation for our ISQ community.

With our new student orientation and first day of school next week, we are so excited to see our students on campus!

Parent Communications Overview

Dear Parents,

We hope this helps both our new and returning families navigate connecting with our teachers and staff this year. If you have questions or ideas for school communications, please feel free to reach out to me.


Wesley Bishop
Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Director

Lighthouse News

Lighthouse News is our weekly newsletter with letters and messages for the whole school, for each division, and to an audience of several grade levels. Mixed between letters and messages we’ll share some recent learning highlights. Lighthouse News is sent via email, posted on our website, and also sent out through WeChat Class Groups.

WeChat Class Groups

These groups are for parents of children in the same grade level to connect together, coordinate events, and receive school messages or reminders from principals, principal assistants, and the MAC team.

Parent & Teacher Communications

ECC & Elementary parents will receive messages from their child’s teachers through ClassDojo, emails, and sometimes paper passed on in their child’s backpack. Secondary parents will generally receive messages from teachers through emails but may also receive information passed from their child regarding things like a permission slip.

The best way to communicate with teachers and staff members is through email. ISQ email addresses are formatted as Our email address also serves our current parents who need help clarifying or being directed to the correct teacher or staff member.

Other tips

As an English medium school, we encourage staff and parents to communicate in English when possible. For simple messages, like reporting your child’s absent to the principal assistant, an email in your native language is fine too.

The PDF file below has a list of several key staff members' phone extensions and email addresses. We encourage you to save this PDF as well to help serve as a reference throughout the year.

Key Contact List

Photo Days

Next Wednesday to Friday we’ll be taking portrait photos of your children! These photos will be used for their new student ID card.

Wednesday (Sept 2nd): G6, G8, G9, G10, ECC/ES
Thursday (Sept 3rd): G7, G11, G12, ECC/ES
Friday (Sept 4th): Photo make up day

Please send your child in appropriate attire on their photo day (keeping in mind that the background used for the photos will be blue).

MAC Team

Notes and Reminders

Lunch Order

Please remember to order and pay for your child’s lunch for this quarter, semester or year. You can view our lunch menu here and the cost of the lunch fees here.

Please wire the payment to our bank and then email us a photo or copy of your receipt to In your email, please write your child(ren)’s name(s), current grade(s), and total amount paid.
Q1 Lunch Menu
2020-2021 Lunch Prices

Bank information:

School Name | 学校名称:青岛MTI国际学校
Bank Name | 银行名称:招商银行股份有限公司青岛崂山支行
Bank Account: 银行账户532900152410202

Student Medical Records:

Reminder for new families and students going into G1, G6, or G9

If you’re new to ISQ this year, please make sure to email your child’s Student Medical Records (SMR) file to before school begins.

Returning families with children going into G1, G6, or G9 will have received an email this summer about submitting a new SMR. Please submit the new record to the Health Office, Room 125, or upload to

Thank you.

Bus Routes’ Locations, Timings, and Bus WeChat Groups

If your child will ride the bus this year, please have a look at the bus list in the attachment below. Please look for the closest bus stop to your house and take note of that route’s bus number, pick up time, and drop off time. Once you’ve identified the correct bus number, please open the second attachment and join your child’s bus WeChat group. Our bus TA’s in each WeChat group will keep parents informed of any delays in the morning or afternoon.

These bus routes may be adjusted at the end of September to account for end of the tourist season in Qingdao, the public schools’ schedule, and any new families that have enrolled at ISQ.

Bus Routes
Bus WeChat Groups

For parents with children in foundations through grade 5, please stay with your children at your bus stop on the first day of school to hand your child to your child’s bus TA. If you have any questions related to busing, please email

Immunization Records:

If you had your child’s vaccinations done during the summer, please submit the new certificate of immunization to the Health Office, Room 125, or upload to

Thank you,
ISQ Health Office

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