Lighthouse News Summer Edition #2

Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
August 31 New Student Orientation
September 1 First Day of School – Half-Day

Bus Routes’ Locations, Timings, and Bus WeChat Groups

If your child will ride the bus this year, please have a look at the bus list in the attachment below. Please look for the closest bus stop to your house and take note of that route’s bus number, pick up time, and drop off time. Once you’ve identified the correct bus number, please open the second attachment and join your child’s bus WeChat group. Our bus TA’s in each WeChat group will keep parents informed of any delays in the morning or afternoon.

These bus routes may be adjusted at the end of September to account for end of the tourist season in Qingdao, the public schools’ schedule, and any new families that have enrolled at ISQ.

Bus Routes Q1

Bus WeChat Groups

For parents with children in foundations through grade 5, please stay with your children at your bus stop on the first day of school to hand your child to your child’s bus TA. If you have any questions related to busing, please email

Secondary Q1 Hyflex Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience as we prepare for the upcoming year. Currently, teachers are hard at work training on the Hybrid Flex Model (Hyflex) of instruction your children will receive. Unlike HBL, this model prioritizes having a teacher in front of your students in the classroom. In Hyflex your children will return to a schedule similar to last autumn and will receive live instruction throughout the day. While still with the Covid-19 Prevention Period and while teachers are still outside of China we hope to maximize your child’s learning and wellbeing using this model. Attached are MS and HS schedules which may reflect periods of time when your child will be receiving live instruction.


Chris Peek
Secondary Principal

Secondary - Updated Schedules

Student Medical Records:

Reminder for new families and students going into G1, G6, or G9

Dear Parents,

If you’re new to ISQ this year, please make sure to email your child’s Student Medical Report (SMR) file to before school begins.

Returning families with children going into G1, G6, or G9 will have received an email this summer about submitting a new SMR. Please submit the new record to the Health Office, Room 125, or upload to

2020-2021 SMR

Thank you.

New Korean Liaison announcement

As with the start of each new year, there are always some staff changes. This year we see Jenny Min stepping out of her role as Admissions Director of ISQ, and into her new role as Korean Liaison. In this role she will provide Korean translation, and take care of all Korean admissions inquiries.

In many ways, Jenny will continue to serve ISQ families as she has always done. We wish her all the very best in her new position, and are glad to still have access to her wisdom and expertise. Welcome to our new Korean Liaison!

2019-2020 ISQ Yearbook

Once a Dolphin, always a Dolphin!

The Yearbook for last school year is finished and is now published online – you can click here to view it.

For those families that ordered a physical copy of the Yearbook, yours will be shipped, you can pick it up at school, or we’ll send it home with your youngest child when school resumes.

MAC team

Parent Tips: How We Can Support Our Children

It’s time for the first day of school!!! With summer winding down, the new school year begins. Here are some tips and activities to ease kids’ transition back to the classroom and to help prepare them for the new school year.

  1. Be there to ease transitions. Starting a new school year, moving from one grade to the next, moving from elementary to middle school, all can mean adjustments for kids—new routine, new schedules, and new classmates. Try to assist in the transition by maintaining routines at home for a sense of a familiar environment and attend any parent orientation the school provides.

  2. Acknowledge feelings. Most children (and parents!) will have more anxiety or increased stress during this school year. Acknowledging and affirming your child’s feelings gives them the message that their feelings are ok and that they are not alone.

  3. Establish school routines and structure. Show kids that homework is a priority by providing a study space at home, purchasing school supplies, and homework breaks. Establishing a standard time and maintaining a schedule can help. Determine a routine place for your child to do homework—a desk or the kitchen table. Try to keep it uncluttered by storing the supplies they may need in a drawer or a basket near their work space.

  4. Make room for academic and brain breaks. Like the rest of our body, the brain needs rest. The brain is like a muscle and needs rest to grow and get stronger. Some basic ways to help the brain rest are: A. Make sure your child has sleep around 9 hours per night. B. Ensure they eat a balanced healthy diet and limit high fat food. C. Help your children stay active and reduce screen time. With the return of school, children may spend more hours indoors, but don’t forget to keep physical activity a part of the daily schedule. Encourage the whole family to be active 60 minutes a day. Play tag in your yard or neighborhood park, for example. Staying active and getting the wiggles out can help your child focus on homework and relieve stress. Extracurricular activities are a way for kids to form new friendships, develop teamwork skills, and improve academic proficiencies.

  5. Parent Health. Finally, do not forget to take care of yourself so you are able to take care of your children.

Melanie Harsch and Glenn Harsch
ISQ Counselors

Returning to Campus Policy – what to do

Dear Parents,

As we prepare for school to open again on September 1st, please be reminded of how to be best prepared.

  • Please ensure that your child’s daily temperature logs are recorded in PowerSchool for 14 consecutive days until the first day of school
  • For those families outside of Shandong, please make sure to return to Shandong by August 17th
  • Families who have been outside Shandong or China this summer will need to submit negative COVID-19 test results to their appropriate divisional principals' assistant. If your child is in ECC/Elementary, please email the negative test results to, and if your child is in Secondary please email

These directives are also required by the Qingdao Education Bureau, and we are wanting to be as prepared as possible to ensure a smooth return to school on campus.

Thank you for helping us make the necessary adjustments for this time.

Notes and Reminders

Lunch Order

Please remember to order and pay for your child’s lunch for this quarter, semester or year. You can view our lunch menu here and the cost of the lunch fees here.

Please wire the payment to our bank and then email us a photo or copy of your receipt to In your email, please write your child(ren)’s name(s), current grade(s), and total amount paid.
Q1 Lunch Menu
2020-2021 Lunch Prices

Bank information:

School Name | 学校名称:青岛MTI国际学校
Bank Name | 银行名称:招商银行股份有限公司青岛崂山支行
Bank Account: 银行账户532900152410202

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