Lighthouse News Summer 2020 Edition

Date Event/Occasion
August 31 New Student Orientation
September 1 First Day of School – Half-Day

ECC/Elementary Teachers for 2020-2021 School Year

Dear ECC/ES Parents,

As the new school year is beginning, we are pleased to announce the ECC/ES grade level teaching assignments for the 2020-2021 school year.

Foreign Teacher – Chuck Birkenstock
Co-Teacher – Aimee Ren

Junior Kindergarten:
Foreign Teacher – Sarah Park
Co-Teacher – Iris Li

Foreign Teacher – Janine Rye
Co-Teacher – Vivian An

First Grade:
Foreign Teacher – Danielle Chua
Teaching Intern – Nancy Wangling

Second Grade:
Foreign Teacher – Heather Brown
Co-Teacher – Esther Han

Third Grade:
Foreign Teacher – Joel Price/Noelle Kane
Co-Teacher – Elim Zhang

Fourth Grade:
Foreign Teacher – Justin Crull
Co-Teacher – Amber Fu

Fifth Grade:
Foreign Teacher – Jonathan Park
Co-Teacher – Sandy Qu

As we continue to plan and prepare for the beginning of this school year, the daily class schedules are being developed and you may expect to receive those on the first day of school. You will also have received an introduction email about the teachers assigned to your child(ren)’s class. We are looking forward to your child(ren)’s arrival on the first day of school, September 1st.


Jo Anna Kolbe & Carol Franck
ECC/ES Principal Team

Opening Letter from Secondary Principals

Beginning of the '20-'21 School Year

Dear ISQ Secondary Students and Parents,

The ISQ Secondary Administrative and Teaching team welcome you to the 2020-21 school year. We face a unique beginning to the school year, yet we are thankful for your partnership as we celebrate successes and face challenges. We hope that the following updates related to the Secondary teaching and learning plan are helpful to you as we all prepare for what is certain to be an exciting year as we strive to grow in our commitments to Learn, Love, and Lead.

Schedules (below) for both Middle School and High School have been updated to reflect best practices, student needs, student enrollment, and staffing. Priorities within our schedules include establishing new norms, allowing for safe movement, and embracing personal and civil responsibility. Middle School families will notice that advisory, enrichment, and assembly meet in various periods throughout the week. These important elements of programming are designed to enrich student wellbeing and growth in the iSC 9 Qualities as well as cultivate skills for success in our students’ classrooms, relationships, and general community. High School families will notice that our Flex period has been expanded to allow for club opportunities in addition to academic enrichment and social-emotional learning. High School families will also notice that many blocks in the schedule have been updated with changes in course options, which will result in an updated scheduling process next that will be shared with High School students via email next week. Parents, please help your children review the schedule and make changes that reflect current course offerings. iSC Academy is expanding its High School course offerings, which we look forward to sharing by next week as well. Do remember that once off-campus teachers and students return, it is possible that scheduling will need to be adjusted.

Middle School Schedule
High School Schedule

Although we face uncertainties due to many of our staff and students being outside of China, we have developed a Hyflex (Hybrid and Flexible) teaching and learning plan that we feel will allow for our on-campus students to experience an enriched academic experience. This Hyflex model reflects current best practices that will help prepare students for an age in which educational and professional institutions throughout the world are embracing flexible hybrid programs consisting of in-person and digital connections and skills.

On-campus students will travel to classrooms in which they will follow routines for safe and hygienic movement. In courses in which lead teachers are not presently on campus, supervising educators will help them to navigate their daily, weekly, and unit learning objectives. Lead, off-campus teachers will provide daily asynchronous and weekly synchronous support. Asynchronous and synchronous schedules will be shared closer to the beginning of the year. Our guiding principle for our off-campus teachers will be to instruct and connect with their classes synchronously on a weekly basis. During asynchronous learning such as projects and individual course work, supervising teachers on-campus will actively supervise, motivate, and support learning. Furthermore, all of our teachers are being trained to use Canvas, our newly integrated learning management system. All courses will use Canvas as a digital classroom in which digital assignments, assessments, and resources will be housed.

Feel welcome to continue sharing questions and feedback. You have continually helped us as we adjust to meet the unique demands of this time. Continue expecting updates in the coming weeks. We thank you for your flexibility, patience, and support. Let’s join together in our excitement for the 2020-21 school year.


ISQ Secondary Principals

Returning to Campus Policy – what to do

Dear Parents,

As we prepare for school to open again on September 1st, please be reminded of how to be best prepared.

  • Please ensure that your child’s daily temperature logs are recorded in PowerSchool for 14 consecutive days until the first day of school
  • For those families outside of Shandong, please make sure to return to Shandong by August 17th
  • Families who have been outside Shandong or China this summer will need to submit negative COVID-19 test results to their appreciate divisional principals' assistant. If your child is in ECC/Elementary, please email the negative test results to or email if your child is in Secondary

Both these directives are also required by the Qingdao Education Bureau, and we are wanting to be as prepared as possible to ensure a smooth return to school on campus.

Thank you for helping us make the necessary adjustments for this time.

New School Lunches!

Dear Parents,

We’re pleased to share that we’ve renovated our cafeteria to be able to cook fresh school lunches on site. You can view our lunch menu here and the cost of the lunch fees here.

To enroll into the lunch program for the quarter, semester, or year, please wire the payment to our bank and then email us a photo or copy of your receipt to In your email, please write your child(ren)’s name(s), current grade(s), and total amount paid.

Bank information:

School Name | 学校名称:青岛MTI国际学校
Bank Name | 银行名称:招商银行股份有限公司青岛崂山支行
Bank Account: 532900152410202