Need a book to read over the Christmas holidays?

ISQ online library is still open!

At Online Library you have access to thousands of books!

Tumblebook Library has books for ECC and Elementary Students, Tumblebook Cloud Junior for Middle School Students and Tumble Cloud for High School Students. There are even quizzes and other activities for some books also!

Check it out today!


Go to ISQ Library’s website and click “TumbleBook Library” at the top of the home page.

Please Note:TumbleBook Library – For ECC and Elementary
TumbleBook Cloud Junior – For Middle School
TumbleBook Cloud – For High School

Retirement Announcement and new Chinese HOD

ISQ’s Head of Chinese department Mrs. Garbo Zhang will retire next month. Let’s celebrate this special moment with her. Mrs. Zhang! After Mrs. Zhang’s retirement, she will shift and become a part-time Chinese teacher. With Mrs. Zhang retiring, some of the Chinese classes will change teachers next semester. Specific changes will be sent to you through classroom letters.

With Mrs. Zhang’s retirement, Ms. Liza Wang will be the new HOD of Chinese department. Congratulations Ms. Wang!

Hazardous AQI in Winter Season

As winter sets in, we would like to share how our school is monitoring outdoor AQI and reassurances about the indoor air quality (IAQ) within the building.

During the school day, the outdoor AQI is checked on-site, providing us with the most accurate record for our students. In addition, we use’s Licong District AQI monitor which is closest to our school site. If there’s discrepancy between those two monitors, we will always choose the highest AQI reading and conduct our school’s activities that day accordingly. As a reminder, please see the outdoor activities policy ISQ Air Quality Implications v1.1.pdf.

Inside our building is a built-in air filtration system that runs based on our indoor air quality (IAQ). This built-in air filtration system cleans our indoor air of hazardous materials such as PM 2.5 and PM 10. Each floor has key areas that our Operations Team routinely checks. Our built-in air filtration system is effective in maintaining healthy indoor AQI levels and a result our school will remain open when AQI levels are ‘Hazardous’.

If at any time you are concerned about high AQI levels in Qingdao, please provide your child with pollution face masks for the travel to and from school. Our filtration system will keep your child safe once they’re inside.