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Winter Fine Arts Gala

Our Winter Fine Arts Gala on Friday was both entertaining and heartwarming. It was a wonderful occasion to display the many talents of our students, as well as capturing the essence of the Christmas season.

In the morning, ECC and Elementary delighted us with their selection of songs and carols, and the upper elementary band performed a variety of Christmas songs. ECC and Elementary artwork was also on display around the school.

Later that evening, the Secondary students took to the stage. The middle school choir sang songs from three different continents, and the middle school band played some choice Christmas favorites. The high school Fundamentals of Performing Arts class had us entertained with a short, humorous adaptation of Barbara Robinson’s 1972 classic, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”. Art work from all secondary art classes was on display around the school.

We Love Reading Books - ISQ Book Fair

We Love Reading Books - ISQ Book Fair

3D Math Rollercoaster Models

ISQ offers further math learning opportunities for students who have finished the AP Calculus BC test, by offering an Advanced Calculus class. The following pictures show one project done by these math geniuses. These are 3D roller coasters designed through a math graphing program which students learned in this class. The animation of this project was also displayed on the TV monitor above the 3D roller coaster models. Each color curve represents a 3D equation. To make its endpoint connect with the next color perfectly, students need to do many steps of difficult calculation. This class is a great representation of the highest mathematical level of ISQ, and the entire iSC system. Thanks to Mr. Malan’s amazing teaching and Mr. Thorne’s guidance on how to design these rollercoasters! Math geniuses, we are very proud of you!

Comment by Mrs. Shine Shi

3D Math Rollercoaster Models

Group Learning - Grade 1

Teachers as Students - Group Learning Chinese Pinyin

Staying Healthy!

This upcoming winter break will be a great time to keep your kids’ immunizations up to date. For those who have kids with ages 4-6 years, please pay attention to their DTP and polio vaccinations. For those who have kids with ages 10 – 12 years, please pay attention to their Tdap booster. Thank you very much for being pro-active in promoting the wellbeing of our school community!

With Health, we can better LEARN, LOVE and LEAD. Have a wonderful winter break, and Merry Christmas!

For Your Wellbeing,
Nurses Lucia An and Aries Gamer

Chinese Class, 1st Grader

Staff Departure

Mr. Cummings

Dear High School Parents,

Our Tech Arts teacher, Grant Cummings, will repatriate to the USA over the Christmas holiday due to personal reasons. We are appreciative of the value and blessings Mr. Cummings has brought to our school. We’re sad to see him go and if you’d like to say good-bye with us, you may email him at

Mr. Cummings and our secondary principals have been meeting to pass on the teaching and learning for each classroom. Classes are currently being reassigned and we’ll email Mr. Cummings’ students and parents with further details.


Randy Attaway
Secondary Principal - Teaching and Learning
Chris Peek
Secondary Principal - Student Wellbeing

Putting More Self Images on the Wall - Foundation Class

Selling Apple Cider for Winter Gala, Grade 5

High School Science Fair

Please join us for the High School Science Fair on Friday morning, January 10. We encourage you to come see the displays, and talk with our secondary students as they share the results of their science fair projects. Refreshments will be served at the event.

Please come and help us celebrate the hard work of our students. If you have questions, please contact Zoe Zhang @

Last year's High School Science Fair

Calculus Exam, High Schoolers

The largest Calculus class in ISQ history, 21 students! They are taking the final Calculus exam for 1st semester of 2019-2020. I asked them if they were nervous. They said, yes, but not because we have not learned it well, but because we wanna get full marks! - Mrs. Shine Shi