Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
December 5 HS SAT
December 5 Dads Get-Together
December 12 ISQ Christmas Celebration
December 17 HS Yule Bash
December 18 12 Days of Christmas - House Event
December 18 Half Day of School
December 19-January 3 Christmas Vacation (No School)

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2020-2021 Calendar

Some highlights from ECC/ES Spirit Week

ISQ Connect: New ISQ Parent Gathering

Dear New ISQ Parents,

We wish to invite you to a new parent gathering event on Thursday, December 10. Meet with our Principal Leadership Team and other staff as we host a casual gathering and new ISQ parent workshop.

Key details:
• December 10
• 9 – 10 AM
• On campus at the Cove Café

We highly value partnering with you to raise up the next generation of leaders and hope that you’ll join us. Please RSVP by filling out the 3 question survey below so we may plan ahead. Your presence is highly valued.


Wesley Bishop

Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Director

ISQ Connect Events

5th grade collecting evidence for their hypotheses, and getting ready for their debates

ISQ Christmas Celebration

December 12, 5 – 9 PM

Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

Save the date! Join us as we celebrate together this Christmas season with a new event – ISQ Christmas Celebration.

Key Details:

  • Saturday December 12
  • 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Holiday Inn near ISQ (Holiday Inn ShiBoYuan)
  • Enjoy great food, fun, entertainment, and fundraising for charity and our ISQ PTO
  • Price – To be determined

More details to come soon. We appreciate our many parents volunteering within our ISQ PTO who come together to spend countless hours creating a new and wonderful experience.

We look forward to celebrating together during this season of hope, peace, joy, and love.

*We intend for our traditional ISQ Christmas Fair to resume next school year as COVID-19 fades away

5th grade debating for the hypotheses that they gathered evidence for

Weekly Lunch Menu

We are pleased to present our new, improved, weekly Lunch menu! Not only have we been working on improving and expanding our lunch options, but we also have a new-look menu.

Click HERE to view next week’s menu (Nov 30 – Dec 4), with both Student Meal 1 and 2 options.

Every week the following week’s Lunch menu will be published here in Lighthouse News, and will also be available to view on our official ISQ WeChat account under the ‘Parents’ button.

QR code for ISQ WeChat account

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

ISQ PTO General Meeting Recap

Our first ISQ PTO general meeting for this school year was packed with many ideas and decisions. The most notable decisions with a 2/3 vote were: the ISQ PTO’s mission statement was revised, and our 2020-2021 ISQ PTO Officers were nominated and elected. To learn more, check the ISQ PTO’s meeting PPT with updated notes to reflect the outworkings of the general meeting.


Crazy Hat Day (Oliver in Foundations received a special prize for his wonderful car brand hat!)

Theater Season

iSC Proudly Presents: Saturday Zoom Detention

After enjoying the talents of our ECC and Elementary students at the ISQ Talent Show today, we’re excited to let you know about another production premiering tonight! This one is an iSC-wide online theatrical production, called Saturday Zoom Detention.

The production is directed by the Theater Arts teacher, Rachel Way, from our sister school Tianjin International School (TIS).

It is available to watch this weekend from today, Nov 27 @ 7pm until Sunday Nov 29, 12am (China Time).

Viewing details: Please scan the QR code in the flyer attached, get your popcorn ready, and enjoy the entertainment!

Sharing 'My Story' with teachers, principals and students

Note from our Health Office

Healthy Eaters are Better Learners

Did you know that skipping breakfast is linked to diminished intellectual performance among students?

Did you know that inadequate consumption of specific foods (fruits, vegetables, and dairy) is linked to lower grades among students?

Families who provide their children the energy to start their day (breakfast) and a balanced diet give their children an advantage for better learning and better grades.

Learning is fun

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