Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
November 6 Quarter 1 Ends
November 7 HS SAT Subject test
November 9 Quarter 2 Begins
November 9-January 30 HS Basketball Season
November 11 HS PSAT
November 12-13 Parent Teacher Conferences (Half Days)
November 19-21 Virtual TIANMUN
November 27 ECC/ES Talent Show

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2020-2021 Calendar

5th grade getting active in PE

Staff In and Around China

We’re delighted to continue to share positive news about our teachers returning to China.

This week Mrs. Brown, Ms. Peterson, and Mr. Malan finished quarantine and have been teaching their classes on campus.

Nutritious quarantine meals.

Much of the rest of our out–of-country staff are in the process of getting their visas. All are looking forward to being back in country and reunited with their ISQ family.

Foundations class

End of Quarter 1 Progress Reports

Today marks the last day of the first quarter. At the end of each quarter, ECC and Elementary grades are finalized while grades for middle school and high school are still ongoing until the end of each semester.

ISQ is shifting to digital report cards and will not be issuing physical paper reports to students continuing enrollment at ISQ. In our school system’s experience, we’ve found families and teachers have both been satisfied with the switch which provides a streamlined, central location to view the digital report cards in PowerSchool. When students transfer or repatriate to their home country, we will continue to provide printed documents such as physical report cards.

Instructions for everyone

To access your child’s information, please log into PowerSchool using an updated web browser like Safari or Chrome. If you have multiple children, you may toggle their names at the top left side under the PowerSchool logo.

PowerSchool Login Link

ECC & Elementary Instructions

For ECC and Elementary families, you can find your child’s digital report cards on your PowerSchool account on Monday, November 9 by 5 PM. For ECC parents, you can view your child’s new report cards by clicking on “Student Reports”.

For Elementary parents, you can view your child’s new reports by clicking on “DocBox” using the left panel.

Secondary Instructions

To view your child’s marks in PowerSchool, simply sign into your PowerSchool parent/guardian account and click on “Grades and Attendance”. Please remember these mid-progress grades are not final.

Helpful Reminders

If you need help or you’ve forgotten your PowerSchool ID and/or password, please email our Registrar at

Being familiar with your child's report card or progress report will serve you well when you meet with their teachers at the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences.

2nd grade and 1st grade doing lessons

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) are right around the corner as the first quarter closes. Our school system, International Schools Consortium (iSC), has developed a new program from the ground up making scheduling appointments with teachers a breeze!

With this new program, parents will have the choice of visiting our campus or join in via Zoom calls to meet with their child’s teachers. Booking translators is also made easier, with the option to book translation support available at the same time as scheduling a PTC meeting with a teacher.


Scheduling appointments with teachers will open on Monday, November 9 at 8:30 AM and will close on November 10 at 11:59 PM.

To schedule an appointment, follow the instructions below carefully. We strongly recommend that you review the instructions over this weekend to become familiar with the program.

PTC Scheduling Instructions

When scheduling an appointment, please make sure to add “Campus” or “Zoom” into the notes section as well as anything else you’d like to talk about during the PTC. “Campus” or “Zoom” in your notes is extremely important so our teachers and translators can distinguish how they’ll meet you.

If you need to cancel or update your schedule after November 10, you may email your child’s Divisional Principals’ assistant, June Sun or Sarah Cheng (; on November 11 before 2 PM.

For parents coming to campus

When parents come to campus for their PTC meetings, please check in at the guard station and provide your child’s grade and name. You’ll also need to show your health code to the guards and have your temperature checked by them.

Once in the building, simply follow the rooms listed in your PTC app or in your email’s inbox. You’ll find maps located in the stairwell of each floor as well as in the lobby.

For the remaining teachers in quarantine or overseas, you’ll only need to remember to visit the assigned “Zoom room”. Once there, you’ll find a computer with a Zoom window open. Join the Zoom call and you’ll be moved from the waiting room to the teacher’s Zoom meeting room.

For parents using Zoom only

Parents meeting your child’s teachers via Zoom at home or at work may do so by joining the Zoom URL link found in the PTC app or in your email’s inbox. After you connect to your child’s teacher’s URL, you’ll first be placed in a waiting room. Please wait until your child’s teacher adds you into their Zoom meeting room.

Also, please make sure to install Zoom and test joining a Zoom call before you meet with teachers so you may have a smooth experience.


Please note the following:
• For PTC, you may use the adult bathrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors
• Childcare will not be provided but you may bring your child to school who can accompany you to the PTC meeting or wait outside your teacher’s classroom
• Our café is open where you may order coffee, tea, and other beverages as well as help yourself to some free snacks and drinks prepared by our staff
• We will have student volunteers assisting parents to find classes on the 4th and 5th floors as well as helping with any tech problems related to the “Zoom rooms”

The Parent-Teacher Conference app is designed to primarily connect parents and teachers together. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with our principals, socioemotional counselors, or university guidance counselor, please contact June Sun ( or Sarah Cheng (

As always, we desire to partner with parents and believe close, supportive relationships with parents and teachers are important for exceptional learning and extraordinary care. Please do not hesitate to continue talking and meeting with your teacher after this semester’s Parent-Teacher Conferences. This is only the beginning of something great for our students!


Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Team
(MAC Team)

Kindergarten exploring light play

Notes and Reminders

New Lunch Program: Menu and Cost

With our new pay-per-meal lunch program starting next quarter, all families opting into our lunch program will need to learn how to monitor their child’s lunch balance. To do this, log into PowerSchool, then click “Balance”.
Please note that families that have ordered lunch for the entire semester or year, your remaining balance will roll over into the new program. For others, please transfer money to ISQ’s bank account and email the receipt to

You can view our Lunch menu for Quarter 2 here.

Lunch cost per meal:

Grade Cost per meal
G2-G12 33 RMB

House Color dress up fun

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