iSC MS Soccer Tournament results

Our Middle School Soccer teams bussed to Yantai at the end of last week to play in the annual iSC MS Soccer Tournament.

This year the boys came into the tournament as the 2018/2019 champions. The girls took place 4th place last year.

Both our boy’s and girl’s teams played well, and at the end of the preliminary games were seeded 1st and 2nd respectively.

The semifinals were tight games with the boys edging out CDIS 3-2, and the girls also beating CDIS 1-0. Both finals were played against WYIS, with the boys winning 4-0 and the girls taking second place with a 2-0 loss.

We’re so proud of our students' efforts and conduct on and off the field. It was, again, a privilege to work with great coaches and amazing students.

iSC MS Soccer Tournament

iSC MS Soccer Tournament

Long-Jumping 6th. Graders

3rd. Grade Rope-Jumping

SAT Testing Reminder

Dear Parents of 10-12th Grade Students,

Topic: Those registered for the SAT test on Saturday, November 2nd 2019

This is just a brief reminder about the upcoming SAT test on Saturday. The required information will be emailed to your child(ren) in order to equip them to take the test.

We recommend eating a good breakfast the morning of the test, and bringing along a healthy snack and something to drink. The school will open at 7:30am for check in.

More detailed information can be found on the attached document here!

Feel free to ask me questions anytime. My email address is


Mr. Lloyd Rooza

Monday Morning Hugs

We'd Love to Give You a Hug

Meeting Polar Bear!

Greetings from Dolphin!

School Calendar/Upcoming Events

Nov. 13-15 – Staff Professional Development (half day and no school)
Nov. 22 – HS Science Fair
Nov. 30 – ISQ-PTO Christmas Fair
**For a complete listing of more upcoming school events, visit our website calendar: Calendar