Scavenger Hunt

Can you find this?

Last week, through a scavenger hunt we heard what made families cheerful when reading this year’s annual report. And we’d like to hear more through another scavenger hunt!

To participate:

  1. Grab your annual report, find the page with this puzzle piece, and message our WeChat account answering the two questions:
    a. What page number is this puzzle piece on?
    b. What did you learn in this year’s annual report that you never knew before?

The fifth person to finish this scavenger hunt will win three 20 RMB coupons for our café!

Don’t have your physical copy on hand? Check out our digital annual report here found under “About Us” on our website.
Share the answers with others in the ISQ community – or don’t to increase your chances of winning!

Puzzle Piece

WeChat Account

We are twins!

We are twins!

We are twins!

HS Volleyball Tournament Results

Last week the High School Volleyball team travelled to Wuxi to take part in the iSC HS Volleyball tournament. It was an exciting 3 days of games, with both our Girl’s and Boy’s teams fighting hard in their respective categories with some real nail-biting matches. Both teams eventually took 3rd place.

The Girl’s team won the Sportsmanship award. We are proud of their spirit, and of the whole team’s (both girls and boys) outstanding attitude – keeping the mood light and fun, but focused.

Go Dolphins!

HS Volleyball Tournament

HS Volleyball Tournament

HS Volleyball Tournament

HS Volleyball Tournament

HS Volleyball Tournament

iSC Education Conference – half day and no school

Please take note that our annual International Schools Consortium (iSC) Education Conference is coming up again in November. This is a professional development event for all iSC staff – a once-a-year opportunity for our teachers and staff to focus on their growth, and bring actionable steps back to the classroom and school.
As a result, Wednesday, Nov. 13 will be a half day of school, with the school day ending at 11:30 AM. Thursday and Friday, Nov. 14 and 15, school will be closed.

School will reopen on Monday, Nov. 18 as usual.


ECC Morning Recess

Parent Teacher Conference Reminders

Dear parents,

Parent-Teacher Conferences begin tomorrow! As a reminder, the school will end at 11:30 AM and our bus will leave at 11:45 AM on both Thursday and Friday. There will be no childcare provided and the playground, basketball court, and soccer field are closed from general use during parent-teacher conferences.

Also, when parking a vehicle, park in the shopping area north of ISQ or on Tianshui Road next to the sidewalk on the north side of our school. If you park on Tianshui Road, please avoid parking within 30 meters of the bus stop. If you park along the road, please put a piece of paper with your cell phone number so local traffic please can contact you if they need you to move their car.

If you have time between meetings with teachers, bring a book and enjoy your time in our café!

See you tomorrow!

6th. Grade PE Class

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This week we’re posting about our ECC/Elementary Talent Show that took place on Friday. To see the highlights and photos, subscribe to our WeChat account. Our WeChat covers events, learning moments, teacher spotlights, coach spotlights, sports, and more.

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Talent Show - Taekwondo

Talent Show - Singing Duet

Talent Show - Singing Solo

Twin Day

Twin Day

Twin Day

School Calendar/Upcoming Events

Oct. 24-25 – Parent-Teacher Conferences (half days)
Oct. 24-25 – Secondary Model United Nations (in Tianjin)
Oct. 24-25 – iSC MS Soccer Tournament (in Yantai)
Nov. 13-15 – Staff Professional Development (half day and no school)
Nov. 22 – HS Science Fair
Nov. 30 – ISQ-PTO Christmas Fair
**For a complete listing of more upcoming school events, visit our website calendar: Calendar