2018-2019 Annual Report Published!

Dear parents,

Our first edition of our annual report has been published! We’ve published it on our website for our families to read here. We will also send home a printed copy of our annual report after the October holiday.

Enjoy the read!

MAC Team

HS JV Teams at YEASA Volleyball Tournament

HS JV Boys - Champions!

HS JV Girls - 2nd Place!

Dads BBQ at ISQ!

Dear ISQ Dads,

This is a reminder that in three short weekends we’ll have a BBQ at ISQ for all ISQ Dads! The BBQ will be on Saturday, October 12 from 11-1 PM. Come and enjoy BBQ for lunch and watch or participate in a game of soccer/volleyball!

To get an accurate headcount of everyone attending, please RSVP in advance so we may plan accordingly. You can RSVP by scanning the QR code or clicking the link below.


JK: What's on the Ground?

3rd. Graders Morning Recess

Grade 4B Morning Recess

SAT Testing Reminder

Dear Parents of 10-12th Grade Students

Topic: Those registered for SAT Test on Saturday 5th October 2019

This is just a brief reminder about the upcoming SAT test. This information will also be emailed to your child / children in order to equip them with the required information to take the test.

Firstly, for the SAT please be sure your child brings an acceptable calculator.

Secondly, students must bring their SAT admission ticket and an original photo ID. (It must be an original and not a photo copy.) It can be their ISQ school ID.

Thirdly, the testing manual states that we may not allow students to touch their cell phones once the test begins, even during the break, until dismissal. The only electronic device allowed is an acceptable calculator. Fitness bands, and any watch that can access the internet, record, or has communication ability is not allowed.

After students check in with the testing supervisor(s) they must immediately report to the testing room leaving behind all personal belongings that do not relate to testing in a separate area.

We recommend eating a good breakfast the morning of the test, and bringing along a healthy snack and something to drink too. The school will open at 7:30am for check in. Our hope is that your child excels on the exam!

More detailed information can be found on the attached document here!

Feel free to ask me questions anytime. My email address is


Mr. Lloyd Rooza

Grade 6 PE Class

Fun with Hula Hoop

8th Grade Fall Trip Highlights

8th grade traveled around Shandong this week for their annual middle school fall trip. One of their destinations was Yangma Island in Yantai. This island was made famous when first emperor Qin Shi Huang decided that all his military horses would be trained there. One of these photos shows students standing beside the emperor’s statue. In another of these photos, students are picking a camping location to watch the sunset and eat dinner together on the beach in Weihai.

8th grade at Yangma Island

8th grade camping at the beach in Weihai

8th graders rock climbing

8th grade boys group photo

Lighthouse News change of publishing day

Dear Parents and Lighthouse News followers,

Please note that after the October holiday, we will no longer be publishing our Lighthouse News on Fridays, but rather on Wednesdays. We want our school news to reach you in a more timeous way, and we feel that publishing mid-week, instead of last thing on a Friday afternoon, will much better keep our parents and community informed and up to date with everything that is happening at ISQ.

Enjoy the news and announcements today, and look for us again on Wednesday, October 9, where we’ll be back with ISQ’s latest news and happenings.

Have a wonderful National holiday!

MAC Team

Eyes on the Ball⚽

Learning traditional calligraphy at Laoshan Shu Yuan

Fourth and first grade painting clay tiger

Practicing walking with Chinese stilts at Laoshan Shu Yuan