Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
September 26 HS SAT
October 1-6 National Day Holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival (No School)
October 3 HS SAT
October 7-November 6 MAP Testing
October 12-November 4 HS Volleyball Season
October 12-December 2 HS Ping Pong Season
October 12-December 2 MS Soccer Season

Our calendar has been updated to include our MS and HS Athletics seasons.
Please follow the link below to view the entire calendar.

2020-2021 Calendar

Elementary PE class

Parent Workshop:

How Parents Can Support Resilience in Their Children

Join us for a workshop via Zoom where parents will be given tips on how to support resilience in their children. Glenn and Melanie Harsch, the ISQ Primary and Secondary School Counselors, will be hosting this Parent Workshop ~
On: Monday, September 28
At: 9 AM China/Beijing Time.
Zoom link for the workshop:
Korean translation will be provided on the chat box. If you need translation, please be ready with your laptop not a mobile phone.

As a result of COVID-19 our world has become far more fluid and rapidly changing in every area of our lives.

Our children have been the most impacted by all of this change. They are being asked to be flexible, to stretch, to be patient, to be focused, and to stay calm.

As parents we have an incredible opportunity during this time to help our children cultivate and strengthen their resilience. The skills that they develop now will help them be more successful in the future.

Please join us for this workshop, and if you have any questions you can direct them to the email addresses below.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Glenn and Melanie Harsch
Secondary and ECC/ES Counselors


ECC having fun during recess

Visitors on Campus

Dear Parents,

We want to keep you updated on all changes with regards to current policy at ISQ. Please note the small change to visiting campus:

It is now possible to have visitors on campus during the school day.

According to new directives from the Education Bureau, parents and visitors will now be allowed on campus only when following the announced

  1. Visitors to campus must have a prearranged appointment. Please email the relevant staff or teacher (or message ECC/ES teachers using ClassDojo) to schedule a meeting at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Visitors must present their green health code and sign a visitor declaration form at the gate.
  3. The visitor will need to be verified and may need to be met at the gate to be ushered onto campus by the host.

AP Physics class use vernier sensors to learn kinematics. We learn about the graphs of displacement, velocity and acceleration with respect to the time variable, and we try to figure out the relationships among these vectors. Vernier equipment can measure the changing of quantities in a very small interval, approximately 0.001 seconds, and this helps students to better understand the instantaneous rate of change in real life. It also helps students to build a strong awareness of lab errors, and encourages them to avoid error as much as possible.

SAT Testing Reminder

Dear High School Parents,

Topic: Those students registered for the SAT test on Saturday, September 26 2020

This is just a brief reminder about the upcoming SAT test on Saturday. The required information has been emailed to your child in order to equip them to take the test.

We recommend eating a good breakfast the morning of the test, and bringing along a healthy snack and something to drink. The school will open at 7:30am for check in. More detailed information can be found on the attached document here.

If you have any questions please ask Lloyd Rooza ( or Angel Luan ( who is on campus.


Mr. Lloyd Rooza

Testing Coordinator

Alumni Talk # 4

We are excited to host this year’s first Alumni Talk with Julia Kim next Wednesday, September 30th.

Julia Kim is part of our graduating class of 2019 and graduated as Salutatorian. She is currently studying at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and will meet with our Junior and Senior classes on Zoom to share her experience studying at KAIST.

As a parent, if you have any questions on KAIST or to Julia, please send them with your child or to school at . We can collect them and give them to Julia beforehand.

If you have any particular alumni that you want us to invite, please also email us.
We would be happy to reach out to them.

Once a Dolphin, Always a Dolphin!

More ECC recess fun!

Notes and Reminders

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday are coming up on October 1 until October 6.

School will be closed for the holiday, and will open again on Wednesday, October 7.

Bus Routes Adjusted

As we’ve settled into the new year and to accommodate new students, we have adjusted our bus routes. These changes have been communicated through the WeChat Bus groups, but for your convenience here is the updated Bus Route schedule.

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