Dads BBQ at ISQ!

Dear ISQ Dads,

Save the date! On Saturday, October 12 from 11-1 PM, ISQ will be hosting a get-together for ISQ dads. Come and enjoy BBQ for lunch and watch or participate in a game of soccer/volleyball!

This event is free and a great time to connect with other fathers in our community. Please RSVP in advance so we may plan accordingly. You can RSVP by scanning the QR code or clicking the link below.


4A Science Lesson - Energy

2nd Grade Music Class

Developments in School Communications

Hello Parents!

We’ve made improvements to our telephone system to guide parents that call ISQ. When you call our main phone number, you can dial your party’s phone extension at any time or you can select your language preference and listen to our menu of department/staff options. If the party you’re trying to reach isn’t listed, select front desk.

Also, a couple weeks ago we sent home a paper which lists our school’s key contact’s phone extensions and email addresses. This is another helpful guide for both new and old families to communicate with key departments and staff. If you’d like a digital copy, you can also find the Key Contact Information sheet on our official WeChat account by clicking “Contacts” and then clicking on “Directory”.

MAC Department

Character Education - Persistence Activity

Character Education - Persistence Activity

New Lunch Order Procedures

Dear parents,
In order to make the ordering lunch simpler and faster for families, we have reformed our internal processes and ordering procedure. From now on, families only need to transfer lunch payment before the quarter begins to our bank account. That’s it. In other words, paying means ordering.

So for Quarter 2 Lunch, please determine the amount you need to pay, and then make payment by October 11.

All the details can be found in our new and simplified 2019-2020 Lunch Program. In the future, you can also find this under our parent page or under quick links Websites & Documents.

1st Grade Healthy Eating - Fruit Kebab Party

1st Grade Healthy Eating - Fruit Kebab Party

Upcoming Athletics Tournaments

Semester 1

Please take note of the following sports events and dates.

  • HS Volleyball (Varsity)
    Tournament / city / dates:
    iSC - Wuxi - 17 – 19 Oct
    QISN - Qingdao - 15 – 16 Nov

  • MS Soccer (U15 squads – grades 7 & 8)
    Tournament / city / dates:
    iSC - Yantai - 24 – 26 Oct
    QISN - Qingdao - 1 – 2 Nov

  • HS Ping Pong
    Tournament / city / dates:
    ACAMIS - Beijing - 29 – 30 Nov
    QISN - Qingdao - TBC

ECC Afternoon Recess

ECC/Elementary Field Trip Reminder

Lao Shan Shu Yuan

September 27th

Next Friday, our Kindergarten to 5th grade students will go on a Chinese cultural field trip to Lao Shan Shu Yuan. This excellent opportunity allows our students to see the beauty of ancient architecture, walk on peaceful paths, enjoy creating art, and play historic games.

Some details to remember:
• Students who have ordered school lunch will get a packaged lunch on the trip; students who ordered the lunch especially for this field trip will also receive a packaged lunch; students who ordered neither of these should remember to bring a packed lunch from home.

• Each student will be given a small snack bag (containing a bottle of water, a bag of nuts, rice crackers and a candy). You may send extra food and water with your child, but please remember your child has to carry it for the whole day.

• Please dress your child appropriately for the weather (jacket, hat and comfortable shoes)

We’re looking forward to a wonderful day!

ECC Morning Recess - "Catch Me"

MS Fall Trip Reminder

24 – 27 September

Dear Middle School Parents,

Next week our middle schoolers are going on their Fall Trips. Each Middle School grade will travel to different parts of Shandong to learn about the wonderful place in which we live.

Please remember these specific things to pack for each trip:

6th Grade Trip:
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Sunscreen/Sun glasses
• Sunhat
• Tissue
• Hand sanitizer

7th Grade Trip:
• Passport
• Student ID (for discount at Zibo Soccer Museum)
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Sunscreen/Sun glasses
• Sunhat
• Insect repellent
• Hat and gloves (for the mountain hike)
• Jacket
• Umbrella
• Pencil or pen

8th Grade Trip:
• Passport
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Sunscreen/Sun glasses
• Sunhat
• Insect repellent
• Umbrella
• Flashlight
• Sandals/Flip Flops

We’re so looking forward to taking our learning outside the classroom!

ECC Morning Recess - "Catch Me"

ECC Morning Recess - Snack Time

ECC Morning Recess - "Catch Me"

ECC Morning Recess - "Catch Me"

Dear Parents,
ASA letter will go home this afternoon. This semester ASA will run Monday, October 14 to Wednesday, December 11. There will be a one week break after the first four weeks. You will find a lot of choice in sports, baking, language, music, fine arts, or cultural crafts for this semester ASA. Registration will open on Monday, September 23 and will close on Thursday, September 26 at midnight.

We’re looking forward to your kid’s participation.