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Date Event/Occasion
September 25 K-G5 Field Trip
September 26 HS SAT
October 1-6 National Day Holiday & Mid-Autumn Festival (No School)
October 3 HS SAT
October 7-November 6 MAP Testing

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2020-2021 Calendar

Safe on Campus # 4

Dear Parents,

We are committed to keeping safe and healthy on campus. Please read through this week’s updates on what is happening at ISQ:

Travelling outside Shandong Province

If your family is going to be leaving Shandong province to travel within China at any time, please note our policy for students returning to school. Before coming back to school, please ensure your child takes a COVID-19 test, and email the results to either Sarah Cheng for Secondary or June Sun for ECC/ES. According to provincial policy, no quarantine is required upon return.

Keeping the Library clean and safe

We love being able to visit the library, but are aware of potential safety risks. Here are the procedures we do to keep ISQ Library safe and clean:

  • ISQ Library is only open to assigned class use with the maximum capacity of 25 people at a time (an average of 3 square meters per person based on Qingdao government’s requirement)
  • Students are asked to clean their hands with hand sanitizer when they enter the library
  • During class time, students are seated at assigned spots with a one-meter social distance
  • After use, all books are returned to the “Book Drop” container to avoid direct contact
  • All returned library books are put in the Disinfection Cabinet to be disinfected with ultraviolet rays and ozone
  • After the disinfection process, the books are put back on the shelves
  • Reading spaces, tables, and chairs are disinfected with sanitizer after each use

Keeping the Cafeteria clean and safe

Because food is served in the Cafeteria, we strive to keep it sterile and fit for daily meals, putting in additional safeguards because of COVID-19.
Besides observing regular requirements for food preparation, our kitchen staff takes extra precautions such as using 75% alcohol sanitizer to clean all surfaces, 84% alcohol sanitizer to clean the floors, and sterilizing all plates and tableware in a Disinfection Cabinet.
Our cafeteria meets all of the requirements of the FDA, and we are confident that our healthy meals are prepared and served in both a safe and hygienic environment.

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday

Dear ISQ Community,

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday are coming up on October 1 until October 6. School will be closed for the holiday, and will open again on Wednesday, October 7.

Please check our Safe on Campus message above for our returning to school policy if your family is going to be travelling outside of Shandong for the holiday.

We're looking forward to the mooncakes!

10th Grade Chemistry doing the potassium lab

Stay connected

Please note all the ways to stay connected, and to make sure you are receiving all our communications:

Lighthouse News

Lighthouse News is published every Friday evening this semester and includes important updates for the ISQ Community. Lighthouse News is sent via email, posted on our website, and also sent out through WeChat Class Groups.

WeChat Class Groups

Are you in your child’s grade level WeChat group? These groups are for parents of children in the same grade level to connect together, coordinate events, and receive time sensitive school messages or reminders.

Parent & Teacher Communications

ECC & Elementary parents will receive messages from their child’s teachers through ClassDojo, emails, and sometimes paper passed on in their child’s backpack. Secondary parents will generally receive messages from teachers through emails but may also receive information passed from their child regarding things like a permission slip.

Outside of ClassDojo, the best way to communicate with teachers and staff members is through email. ISQ email addresses are formatted as

Other tips

As an English medium school, we encourage staff and parents to communicate in English when possible. For simple messages, like reporting your child’s absence to the principal assistant, an email in your native language is fine too.

The PDF file below has a list of several key staff members' phone extensions and email addresses. We encourage you to save this PDF or save the contacts into your phone to help serve your family throughout the year.

Key Contact List


Wesley Bishop

Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Director

Field Trips

Lao Shan Shu Yuan Cultural Field Trip for K-G5

ISQ Kindergarten to 5th grade students will visit Lao Shan Shu Yuan on Friday, September 25th to enjoy Chinese cultural arts and games. The grounds are beautiful with ancient architecture, paths, and creative arts for students to attempt. Each year, our students learn three out of nine new skills such as tie dye to hoop rolling. During this trip, older elementary classes are paired with younger classes giving an opportunity to practice serving others. Watch your child’s backpack for the field trip permission slip this week. Please return the slip by Friday, September 18th. For further details, please contact June Sun at

Secondary Nature Walks

ISQ Secondary students will be getting out into nature on 30-minute nature walks around the Licang District during the mild weather of Qingdao’s autumn season. The purpose of these walks is exercise, social interaction, and seeing changes in nature. Watch for permission slips coming soon. For more details, please contact Gloria Oh at

TumbleBook Library

TumbleBook Library is a curated database of children's e-books. It has over 1100 titles for grades K-6, including unique animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, national geographic videos, non-fiction books, graphic novels, math stories, as well as books in Spanish and French.

To enhance the learning experience, there are quizzes, games, book reports, and even lesson plans going with many of the e-books in the collection.

There are no check-out times; the books are always available to everyone in ISQ! It is a great resource for tech-savvy kids, and teaches them the joy of reading in a format they'll love.

To access TumbleBook Library, please go to ISQ Library’s website: and click the icon. No login information is required.
You can also download TumbleBooks app and access it with the following information under “School” tab: user name qingdao, password books.

How Parents Can Support Resilience in Their Children

It is normal for all of us to need and look for control, consistency, and structure in our lives to help us feel safe, calm, and loved. As result of COVID-19 and the aftermath of the pandemic, our world has become far more fluid and rapidly changing in every area of our lives.

Our children have been the most impacted by all of this change. They are being asked to be flexible, to stretch, to be patient, to be focused, and to stay calm.

They are experiencing a wide range of emotions that includes excitement, happiness, grief, loss, anxiety, and frustration. The strain is impacting them physically and makes it difficult for them focus on their schoolwork.

Their skills and abilities to be resilient are being tested. Resilience is our ability to bend or stretch without breaking or cracking.

Katie Hurley, a licensed clinical social worker, says, “Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, challenges, or even trauma. It's not something that kids either have or don't have; it's a skill that kids develop as they grow. Resilient kids are more likely to take healthy risks because they don't fear falling short of expectations.”

As parents we have an incredible opportunity during this time to help our children cultivate and strengthen their resilience. The skills that they develop now will help them be more successful in the future.

Join us for a workshop where parents will be given tips on how to support resilience in their children. Glenn and Melanie Harsch, the ISQ Primary and Secondary School Counselors, will be available for a Parent Workshop on “How Can Parents Cultivate Resilience in Their Children” on Monday, September 28 day at 9 AM. The zoom link for the workshop will be:

Adapted from Resilience in Children: Strategies to Strengthen Your Kids by Katie Hurley, LCSW

ECC classes getting busy

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