The Cue

It was wonderful to see both familiar and new faces at our first PTO meeting of the year. One of our strategic goals at ISQ is enhancing school communications. As I shared at our PTO meeting, we’ve made considerable progress in the following three areas of our communications.

New Interactive Calendar

One of our communication action plans is our new whole school calendar. This is an interactive calendar for our community to stay informed about what’s happening across our school.

The calendar can be accessed by visiting or Once you’re there, you can filter the calendar with the following 8 categories:

  • All
  • Athletics Events (Practices and Tournaments for Middle School and High School Athletes)
  • Elementary & ECC Events (Routine activities like ASAs and special events like our Talent Show)
  • HS Events (Special events like High School Fun Day and testing)
  • MS Events (Special events like Middle School Fall Trips and testing)
  • PTO Meetings
  • School Holiday/Half Day
  • Whole School Events

Once you’re viewing the calendar, click on “Select Category”, click on your interested categories above, and then click “Go” to refine your search. Each event will have basic information including the organizer, time and location.

We’re confident this calendar will pair nicely with our communications and will help our community find information they need efficiently.

Volunteering at ISQ

We welcome parents on campus and value the contributions of parent volunteers within the life of our school. We’re looking at opportunities for you to contribute and find where your time can enrich our teaching and learning, student wellbeing and administrative efforts.

As a school, we are looking forward to how we can make these connections happen. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Jenny Min at You can also read our new Parent Volunteer Policy to learn more.

Annual Report

At the end of this month, we’ll be sharing our first annual report with our community. We hope everyone enjoys reading the highlights of last year! We hope you’re able to celebrate the accomplishments of your children, our students and staff. Come March next year, we will be reaching out to parents to gain your feedback to get ideas of what our second edition will look like.

Ben Yap

Head of School

6th Grade PE Class

6th Grade PE Class

Playtime at ISQ!

Early every Wednesday at ISQ, a few moms are found busily making coffee, preparing craft supplies, tidying toys and many other small tasks to make our campus a welcome place for our community play group.

For many young children in Qingdao, the weekly Playtime at ISQ is their big day to get out and play with new friends, have fun with creative crafts, enjoy new toys and interact with the larger world. For the kids, it’s a special time of singing and dancing, sharing snacks and making memories.

So, if you see an unfamiliar parent with a young child at ISQ on Wednesday mornings, say, “Hello!”, it’s likely they’re a part a ISQ Playtime.

About ISQ Playtime

Playtime is a weekly event organized by wonderful parent volunteers. It’s our goal to create a space in Qingdao where international families can bring their kids to have fun, grow, and find belonging in our larger ISQ community.

If you’d like to get involved with Playtime through volunteering, email Jenny Min at

5th Grade Afternoon Recess

5th Grade Afternoon Recess

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Reminder

Dear ISQ Community,

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up on Friday, September 13. It is a national holiday, and as such, school will be closed on the day. Classes will resume as normal on Monday 16.

We hope you and your family enjoy the long weekend!

2nd Grade PE Class

2nd Grade PE Class

Finance Reminder

The due date for the 2nd quarter tuition payment is quickly approaching. Please transfer your tuition payment and email with confirmation of your payment by September 15.

ECC Afternoon Recess

ECC Afternoon Recess