Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
September 2-4 Photo Days
September 11 ECC/ES Meet the Teachers (Zoom Event)
September 17 Secondary Meet the Teachers (Zoom Event)

This semester’s calendar is now published on our website. You’ll also find all major dates for the entire school year listed on the same webpage. We’ll be adding to the webpage throughout the year and notifying our community about any changes made.

One thing you’ll notice is that off-campus field trips have been postponed. We love off-campus field trips and go to great lengths to ensure students are safe. While field trips are postponed, we’ll be working with local authorities, our school system, and International SOS to identify feasible and safe field trip options.

2020-2021 Calendar
Learn More about Field Trip Safety

Meet the Teachers - ECC and Elementary

Dear ECC and Elementary Parents,

Our school year is off to a wonderful start and it has been exciting to see all the students on campus getting to know their classmates and teachers. Now you will have a chance, via Zoom, to meet the grade level classroom teachers of your child(ren).

Next Friday, September 11th, we will be hosting our Meet the Teachers via Zoom, and all ECC/ES parents and guardians are invited to attend.

Each grade level will receive Zoom Invitations to the following meetings, so look out for those invitations in your email:

Grade Time
Foundations 11:00-11:30AM
JK 11:00-11:30AM
Kindergarten 1:25-1:55PM
1st Grade 1:25-1:55PM
2nd Grade 12:30-1:00PM
3rd Grade 12:40-1:10PM
4th Grade 11:55-12:25PM
5th Grade 11:45-12:15PM

Jo Anna Kolbe
ECC/Elementary Principal

Safe on Campus # 2

Dear Parents,

In line with our Virus Safety Plan, which was rolled out last semester, we are asking parents to please remain proactive about your family’s health.

Please ensure that you check your child’s temperature every evening before bed, and every morning before school. Only send your child to school if their temperature is not over 37.3º.

If any member of your family (besides your school-going child) has a temperature over 37.3º, please make sure to report this to the principal assistants - June Sun or Sarah Cheng (this is just for our own school records).

Guidelines for if a student feels sick at school

We want to share with you the guidelines we follow when there is a child with a suspected fever or other flu-like symptoms. The goal of our guidelines is to follow the expectations set by the local Education Bureau and to prevent the transmission of any sickness. We do screen all students for fevers 3 times a day and we expect parents to not send students to school if they are sick.

If students have flu-like symptoms (diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, runny nose or fever) during the class day:

  • Tell your teacher when you are not feeling well
  • Your teacher will call the nurse to come to the classroom, as needed
  • Your teacher will check ALL temperatures in the room
  • Your teacher may take students to another room
  • If you have a fever, the nurse will take you to the quarantine room
  • Your teacher will contact the principal assistant to have the room disinfected
  • The principal assistant will contact your parents and any necessary staff

Parents please note, the school will contact you if there is any concern related to your child.

New Full-time Nurse

We want to introduce our new full-time Nurse to you - Mary Guo.

Mary studied nursing at Shandong Xiehe University, and is a national registered nurse. Before joining ISQ, she worked in a hospital, and as an English tour guide and medical aid worker.

We are confident that Mary's medical background and outdoor medical care experience, as well as her rich experience of working with international people, will strengthen our current school nurse team.

2019-2020 ISQ Yearbook

Did you miss the last opportunity to order?

We have some extra Yearbooks from last school year for free! If you missed the last order opportunity and you’d like for us to send home a Yearbook with your child, please fill out this survey:
Yearbook order survey

The Yearbook is also now published online – you can click here to view it.

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