The Cue

Welcome to the start of our new school year!

Over the past several weeks, our staff have been busily preparing for the return of our students. It is such a buzz and joy seeing everyone back, and especially seeing all the new faces. It’s a wonderful privilege to hear parents and students share their stories, see the enthusiasm on their faces on coming back to school, and watch them reconnect with their peers and teachers.

A special welcome to our new families joining our school this year. My hope is that your child will be able to connect quickly and feel part of our dynamic learning community.

Towards the end of last year, I presented to the staff and parents our strategic goals and projects for the next 24 months. Last week, our Divisional Principals led our staff in positioning the thinking and implementation of these strategic goals and projects. We are enthusiastic and motivated in framing the expectations for the year ahead.

In brief, the goals are divided into 3 areas.

Teaching and Learning

• Pedagogy and Assessment - Evidence based approaches
• Teacher/TA Development and Support

Student Wellbeing

• Social and Emotional Learning
• Classroom and Behaviour Management

Whole School

• Parent Education
• Communication

We have also redefined our Purpose Statement, Values and Qualities for Life:

Purpose Statement

International School Consortium (iSC) is committed to providing transformative, holistic PK-12 education to develop globally-minded individuals who learn, love and lead.

iSC Values

We are dedicated to providing an educational experience that transforms students from the inside out. We make 3 commitments to students, families and the communities that surround us:

Qualities for Life

We learn
We are purposeful, truth-seekers and truth-speakers.
We love
We are connected, courageous and compassionate in relationship to ourselves and each other.
We lead
We are engaged in humble, persistent service to the community and the world.

We have a newly assembled team who love teaching, and are motivated, committed and passionate about student growth and learning. They represent many nations, bringing a strong international presence to our school. Countries and regions represented in our staff now include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, France, Barbados and Taiwan.

On behalf of our leadership team, teachers and support staff I wish you a wonderful start to the year.

Ben Yap
Head of School

Updated School Information, Policies, and Procedures

We have updated several policies and procedures for this school year. Please visit Documents to view the following documents:

• ECC/Elementary Handbook
• Secondary Handbook
• High School Course Catalog
• Bus Policies
• Updated Tuition and Fees (Returning Students)
• Updated Tuition and Fees (New Students)

Lunch Ordering Reminder for 2019-2020!

Dear ISQ Parents,

You may order Q1 lunch for your child(ren) through PowerSchool by August 21, 2019. Please be aware that there will be no lunch available if Pre-Order is not done. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
To sign up for lunch through PowerSchool, please log into PowerSchool, go to the menu on the left side, click on “Pre-Orders”, select your lunch choice, and then click “Update Order”.

Please make sure you pay for your child(ren)’s lunch by August 21, 2019 as well.

Lunch Order Instructions

Meet the Teachers - Secondary

Hello Secondary Parents,

We would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday, August 20th for an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers. We will begin with a short introduction in the auditorium at 3:20 PM, after which you will be dismissed to explore your child’s classrooms and talk with their teachers until 4:20 PM.

Transportation will be provided after this event. Bus will leave promptly after this event at 4:25 PM. The bus will visit the following four stops:

  1. Sophia Hotel
  2. Yijing
  3. Jinhai
  4. Mingren

We hope you take this opportunity to get to know our teachers better. As a school, we hope to develop a strong partnership with you in supporting your children’s development. We encourage you to ask our teachers what skills and concepts they are excited to teach your children, as well as how those lessons will prepare your children for the future. These kinds of questions really excite our teachers and give you, as parents, a better understanding of what your children will be learning this year.

The Secondary Principal Team

First Day of School

First Day of School

Meet the Teachers - ECC and Elementary

Dear ECC and Elementary Parents,

Our school year is off to a fantastic start and it has been exciting to see all the students on campus getting to know their classmates and teachers! Now you will have a chance to meet the grade level teachers of your child(ren).
You are invited to join us for our Meet the Teachers activity next Friday, August 23rd. Each ECC/Elementary grade level will have a specific time to first have a reception with the principals and then they will lead you to meet with the teachers, teacher interns, and co-teachers in the classrooms.
The goals of this event are the following:

  • Introduce the teachers of your child(ren)
  • Provide information about what your child(ren) will be studying
  • Answer your questions
  • Announce program and policy updates
  • Connect you with other parents

Please take notice of the specific time set aside for each grade level. If it happens that the meeting time for your younger and older child’s grade level is overlapping, please be sure to split your time to attend both classroom meetings.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the ECC/Elementary Principals’ Assistant, June Sun (


Jo Anna Kolbe and Carol Franck
ECC/Elementary Principals Team

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

First Week of School

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

In Service Week