Lighthouse News 05/31/2019

Learn More about the 2019-2020 Principal Team

Dear Parents,

It’s with great excitement to share more information about our new principals and their roles and responsibilities. Within each division, we’ll have a Principal of Teaching and Learning and a Principal of Student Wellbeing. By having two distinct principals in each division, we’re confident it will create more capacity within our leadership to further serve our students, teachers, and parents as well as lead more improvements, shifts, and initiatives throughout the school.

As we’re preparing for the next school year, we’ve created a video as well as images (below) for our parents to learn more about our new principals. If you need Chinese or Korean subtitles, please change the language on our website at the top right-hand corner.

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Fine Art Gala Bus Schedule

Please see the attachment below for tonight’s Secondary Fine Arts Gala bus schedule.

Art Gala Bus Route.pdf

High School Graduation Bus Schedule

Dear Parents,

Here are the bus routes for HS graduation. We arranged 3 buses picking you up and 4 buses sending you home.
If you plan to take school arranged bus to the ceremony, please pay attention to the time for each route. First come, first served.
For going home bus, you will need to get the “Going Home Ticket” which will be placed on a table by the auditorium before and after the ceremony. First come first served.

If you plan to come to school on your own, we suggest you to be here by 6:10pm.

Thank you very much for your patience. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the ceremony!

Transporation - HOME to ISQ.pdf

Transportation - ISQ to HOME.pdf

Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Updates

Re-enrollment update

Dear parents,

We appreciate all of you who have finished the re-enrollment process. We found this is great information to start the 2019-2020 school year smoothly. If you have decided to finish your re-enrollment during summer, please make sure you finish it by July 15th, 2019. Each department will use the PowerSchool information as of July 15th for your child(ren)’s class placement, lunch plans, and transportation arrangement. If you need to change any information after July 15th, please update them on PowerSchool AND let the admissions office know by emailing

Summer Admissions Assessments

ISQ is recruiting new students in an on-going basis. If you are seeking for a quality education for your child(ren), please contact the admissions office. We would love to assist you through the process.

During the summer vacation, families are still able to set up admissions assessments for your child(ren). The summer office hour will be 9 am to 3 pm from Monday through Friday.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at for any further questions.

We hope you enjoy your summer!

Graduation Photo Contest

Hello Seniors,

As you may have noticed, ISQ has newly put up the school logo sign on the wall of the central stairs. To celebrate this new addition and to make your graduation photos better, the MAC team is organizing the graduation photo contest!

During the graduation ceremony, you can take photos in front of the logo and send your best photo with your mailing address to by Friday, June 7th. The MAC team will select 3 best photos and the winners will receive the ‘Special Care Packet’ as a prize and have a chance to display their photos on the Alumni corner of our website.

Here is a tip for the best photo:

On the first floor near the logo you can find the “Photographer Zone” sign as below.

This is the best location for your photographer to stand and not to have the “fire hydrant” box shown on your photo.You can find an example of the photo below. (Thank you Mrs. Franck for being the model!) We hope you enjoy this event and make your graduation much more meaningful by showing your ISQren-ism.


The MAC office

Staff Announcements - New University Guidance Counselor

Dear Parents,

Please open the attachment below to learn more about our new University Guidance Counselor.
Staff Announcements - New University Guidance Counselor.pdf

11th Grade Spring Trip to Inner Mongolia

Teacher in Jail Fundraiser Results

Thanks to everyone who donated money last week during the “Teacher in Jail” Elementary Student Council fundraiser. It was a huge success—we raised almost 4,000RMB to give to a local charity! And congratulations to the “winning” teacher, Mrs. Mc Gregor. We hope she can enjoy her time in “jail”—we know her students will enjoy that time very much!

10th Grade Spring Trip in Yangshuo, Guangxi

View and Download Photos - Class Photos and Dads to Lunch

Please visit the links below to view and download classroom photos and photos from Dads to Lunch.

Classroom Photos

Dads to Lunch

2019 Spring Trips - 9th Grade Xian Trip at Orphanage

2019 Spring Trips - 9th Grade Xian Trip at Orphanage

Student Portrait Photos

Dear Parents,
The ISQ PTO would like to thank you for your participation and support this year. We have been actively involved in many activities, including Christmas Fair and Teacher Appreciation Day. Individual student photos have been sent home with each student. The photos are a gift from the PTO, ISQ MAC, and Fine Arts departments to you! If you would like a digital copy of your child(ren)’s photo(s), please email Natasha Tapley ( and include each child’s name, grade, or class.

All parents of ISQ students and all of our staff are members of our ISQ PTO. If you would be interested in taking a more active role next year as a PTO Committee member, please contact one of the following individuals: Jen Green, (132-1020-4613,, Linda Sun (185-0532-1880,, or Eunjung Seo (185-6272-2009,

Thanks for your support,

ISQ PTO Committee, 2018-2019

Elementary Chinese - Students Practicing Writing in Chinese

Elementary Chinese - Students Practicing Writing in Chinese

Documentation Policy for Trips

Parents: It is expected that all G6-G12 students will have and forward to the Registrar at all updated passport and residential permit information. All secondary students will travel during their time at ISQ, and so keeping non-expired residential documentation is essential for the smooth running of trips.

• Registrar will check all documentation to ensure that valid visas or residency cards are on file for all students.
• For students, who do not have valid visas or residency cards, the Registrar will contact the parents until updated information is obtained.
• The Registrar will put a note into the Lighthouse News each quarter to remind students:
• For all secondary trips, that require train or plane purchases, each trip leader will initiate transportation purchases by requesting the passport information list from the Registrar.
• For each trip, the Registrar will remind every trip leader to physically check all passports, IDs, and visa information to ensure that all documentation is up-to-date.

Betty Cao
ISQ Registrar

Lunch Order 2019-2020

Dear ISQ Parents,

Thank you for all your help with school lunch. Please remember to order Q1 lunch for your child(ren) through PowerSchool by 7/15/2019.
To sign up for lunch through PowerSchool, log into PowerSchool, go to the menu on the left side, click on “PreOrders”, select your lunch choice, and then click “Update Order”.

Please make sure you pay for your child/children’s lunch by 7/15/2019 as well.