Date Event/Occasion
June 1 3rd Grade and Up Return to Campus
June 4 High School Graduation
June 11 Middle School Sunset
June 12 End of Second Semester/Last Day of School

David S. - G9 - Steve Malan's Class

Grace Y. - G9 - Steve Malan's Class

Cherry L. - G9 - Steve Malan's Class

Re-enrollment Phase Two

Phase Two of Re-Enrollment has begun. In the instructions below, you’ll find details for our three plan overviews for beginning next school year, steps on how to complete the re-enrollment process, and related information like Tuition and Fees and helpful guides. Whether your family is returning or still deciding, please finish your step(s) by June 8. For families moving, please complete your step by May 31 so we can finish the departure process by the last day of school.

Re-Enrollment Phase Two Instructions

If you’re returning next year, please click the link below to view the 10% Q4 tuition discount that applies to you. For families leaving at the end of this year, our Finance Office will get in touch with you to finalize the 5% Q4 tuition refund. If you have questions, you can contact the Finance Office at

Quarter 4 Tuition Discount by Category

We look forward to continuing our partnership next year, raising up servant leaders who Learn, Love, and Lead. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at


MAC Team

Se Jin P. - G10 - Steve Malan's Class

Susie P. - G9 - Steve Malan's Class

In Ho C. - G9 - Steve Malan's Class

Helpful Notes and Reminders

Bus and Lunch Reimbursements

If you purchased bus or lunch services for semester 2, please email with the following information:

  1. Child’s Full Name (Roman letters, PinYin, or Romaja)
  2. Child’s Current Grade
  3. And tell us “I want to get a refund” or “I want to credit these unused fees to next school year’s bus and/or lunch account”

If you’d like a refund, please also include:

  1. Beneficiary's Name收款人名称
  2. Beneficiary's bank account银行账号
  3. Beneficiary's bank name银行名称(please include branch bank name请提供支行名称)

If you have any questions, please email our Finance Office at the address above. Thank you for your cooperation.

9th. Grader Chinese Work - Amy Qi's Class

Virus and Safety Plan Updates on Campus

Dear Parents,

Local authorities have assessed Qingdao’s current environment and has updated their directives about wearing masks on campus. Now, families can decide whether or not their child wears a mask on campus after they pass through our health screening and are cleared to enter the building. Guards, ECC teachers, and janitors will be required to wear masks on campus, but other teachers and support staff have the choice to wear a mask after they pass through our health screening and are cleared to enter the building.

While coming to and from school, students and staff should still wear a mask in public and on ISQ buses. Students and staff must also have extra masks and be ready to wear them if local authorities or ISQ’s Leadership Team deems necessary.


ISQ Leadership Team

Armina L. - G8 Geometry - Betty Zhou's Class

Jennifer H. - G8 Geometry - Betty Zhou's Class

ChaeYoon K. - G8 Geometry - Betty Zhou's Class

Staff Announcements

Departing Staff

In addition to the departing staff announcement we sent earlier this year, Peter Li, Jackie and Mike Lee, and Tien Kwok will be moving on next year. If you’d like to join others and share gratitude or words of encouragement, you can view the attachment below which has their email addresses.

Departing Staff Highlights

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

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