5-to-6 Celebration Day

Next Monday, May 27 will be G5 Graduation & Fun Day. This is a fun event to celebrate the transition from fifth grade to sixth grade with students, parents, and teachers!

The fifth grade graduation ceremony will start at 1:30 PM. There will be light refreshments for parents at 1:15 PM and after the ceremony. Please come and celebrate this special day with our fifth grade students.

Kindergarten Graduation

Our Kindergarteners will graduate next Thursday, May 30! It is such a blessing that we see our lovely boys and girls grow up a lot this year and within a few weeks they will be considered Elementary students.

The graduation event will take place from 9:00-10:30 AM in the Auditorium. Parents and families are invited to come see the tossing of the hats!

Last Week of School -- MS & HS Schedule

Dear MS and HS parents,

Below please find last week's schedule for middle and high school students.

MS Last week schedule - 3 languages.pdf

HS Last week schedule - 3 languages.pdf

Middle School Math


Dear Parents,

You are invited to the Fine Arts Spring Gala that will take place on May 31st, 2019. The Elementary & ECC concert will be at 9 AM in the school auditorium, and the secondary concert at 6:30 PM.

We hope that you and your family will come and share an exciting time as our students will be displaying their talents in the fine arts.

Thank you!

The Fine Arts Department

Elementary Art

Elementary Music

ISQ Departure Process

Dear ISQ Parents,

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and some of you will be moving on to new assignments with new horizons. It is our hope to make the process of departing ISQ as smooth as possible for each family.

At the bottom of this email you will find a link called Notice of Departure. This online form initiates the preparation of letters of enrollment, transcripts, recommendation letters, and report cards. Also, this notification helps us to help your child to navigate the upcoming transition. Our counselors meet with students who are leaving to help them say good-bye in a healthy way. ISQ cannot begin the departure process until the online form is completed. The form is very simple and is written in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Typically, it takes two weeks for the departure process once the online form is completed. Please remember that all students who are not returning to ISQ, including the graduating class, need to complete this form. Please go to Notice of Departure.

Thank you, in advance, for your promptness. If you have any questions please email our Registrar

Documentation Policy for Trips

Parents: It is expected that all G6-G12 students will have and forward to the Registrar at all updated passport and residential permit information. All secondary students will travel during their time at ISQ, and so keeping non-expired residential documentation is essential for the smooth running of trips.

• Registrar will check all documentation to ensure that valid visas or residency cards are on file for all students.
• For students, who do not have valid visas or residency cards, the Registrar will contact the parents until updated information is obtained.
• The Registrar will put a note into the Lighthouse News each quarter to remind students:
• For all secondary trips, that require train or plane purchases, each trip leader will initiate transportation purchases by requesting the passport information list from the Registrar.
• For each trip, the Registrar will remind every trip leader to physically check all passports, IDs, and visa information to ensure that all documentation is up-to-date.

Betty Cao
ISQ Registrar


Teacher in Jail Fundraiser!

This week, the Elementary Student Council held their Spring fundraiser: Teacher in Jail!

What is Teacher in Jail?
One “lucky” teacher will get to spend an hour in “jail.” In teacher “jail” the teacher will have to sit by him/herself in a room with nothing to do. (It’s like detention, but for a teacher!) And when a teacher is in jail, his or her students will have free time!

But which teacher will go to jail? The kids got to decide! Students brought money to school this week and put it in the money collection box that belonged to the teacher they wanted to send to teacher jail. Today is the final day. The teacher with the most money in their collection box at the end of today will go to jail!

Elementary Student Council will give 100% of the collected money to a local charity. Thank you to everyone who donated money to make this fundraiser a big success!

~Elementary Student Council