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Until Further Notice Home-Based Learning
June 12 End of Second Semester/Last Day of School

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-The Posts

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-The Yaps

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-The Roozas

Message from iSC Superintendent

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-Maximilian N.

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-The Attaways

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-Vanko C.

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-Yu Na

Health Office Message

Dear Parents,

Taking temperatures may not be as straight forward as we think! Please read the poster below and save it for future reference.

ISQ House Marathon-Liddel-The Bishops

ISQ House Marathon-Liddel-The Bridgemans

ISQ House Marathon-Liddel-The Peeks

ISQ House Marathon-Liddel-The Tapleys

House Marathon Results

This weekend you might have seen (at a distance 😊) friends wearing Goforth yellow or Morrison green walking the neighborhood or families of Liddell blue or Taylor red biking. The reason is that this past weekend ISQ families around the world celebrated the May Day Holiday by holding a marathon. Students and their families chose different ways of moving – walk, run, scoot, bike – in this very exciting opportunity to combine getting out of the house with a House event.

Taylor families of ISQ worked together to complete several marathons by themselves. Together they won 1st place in both categories – distance traveled (almost 400 km) and number of participants. Liddell finished 2nd place in both categories followed by Morrison and Goforth.

Everyone did a great job and we were very glad to hear and see all the wonderful experiences. Check out some of the photos from the weekend.

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-The Birkenstocks

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-The Malans

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-David Cui

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-Naomi L.

ISQ House Marathon-Taylor-Felix Owen L.

How Can Parents Support Their Children?

By Glenn Harsch, ISQ Social Emotional Counselor

Dear Parents,

These are extraordinary times where even doing the most ordinary task is challenging! The impact of COVID 19 has been challenging for everyone. 90% of students across the world are not in regular school. We are all trying to figure out how to manage our personal academic lives.
It is completely normal for students to feel helpless, disorganized, unproductive, isolated, and alone. Many of us as parents may feel the same way!
Here are some suggestions on how we can support our children to be successful:

  1. Be patient and understanding. Acknowledge that this has been a difficult time for all of us. We are all trying to figure out how to be successful and it’s ok to ask for help.
  2. Ask your child to look at their PowerSchool to see what assignments they need to complete. Ask them what the barriers they have to complete their work. Ask them if they have emailed their teacher to overcome the barrier(s) and offer to reach out to the teacher or have them put your email address on the email that they send.
  3. Ask them what their schedule is for today and do they have a list of work they want to accomplish today. If they don’t have one, work with them to develop a schedule and check in with your child each day to encourage them.
  4. This will help them establish a daily routine. Some suggestions we have found helpful are: Encourage them to get up at a set time, have them change into comfortable clothes (have them get out of their pajamas), have a designated work space (preferably not their bed), if possible periodically have them change to a different work space like when they are in school, have them put their cell phones away while studying, encourage them to take brain breaks and screen breaks, and finally help them to make time after their work is done to exercise, do something creative or fun, or get outside.
  5. Many students are reporting that they feel isolated and alone. This is even coming from children who are normally social. Encourage your child to connect/reach out to their friends.

I hope these suggestions can be helpful for you. Please know that even though we are not currently together, you are not alone. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need support.

Glenn Harsch

ISQ House Marathon-Goforth-Jerry Q.

ISQ House Marathon-Goforth-Liza Wang

High School Club Serving our Community

What do plants, stories, books, coffee, and posters have in common? They’re all things our National Honors Society (NHS) club in high school would like to share with our community to help and edify our students and parents during HBL.

Coffee Drink

With Mother’s Day coming this Sunday, you can share this video with your child so they can learn how to make a delicious and simple coffee for their wonderful mom 😊.

Creative Things to Stay Active at Home

Reading, taking care of plants, and writing stories are creative things to do at home for both parents and students of all ages.

iSC 9 Qualities Posters

The NHS did a great job helping visualize many of the iSC 9 Qualities. By visualizing these qualities, our school community gets a better sense of what they mean and how we can live them out in our daily lives.

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-Hope Yang

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-Manning

ISQ House Marathon-Morrison-The Bristleys

Helpful Notes and Reminders

Bus and Lunch Reimbursements

If you purchased bus or lunch services for semester 2, please email with the following information:

  1. Child’s Full Name (Roman letters, PinYin, or Romaja)
  2. Child’s Current Grade
  3. And tell us “I want to get a refund” or “I want to credit these unused fees to next school year’s bus and/or lunch account”

If you’d like a refund, please also include:

  1. Beneficiary's Name收款人名称
  2. Beneficiary's bank account银行账号
  3. Beneficiary's bank name银行名称(please include branch bank name请提供支行名称)

If you have any questions, please email our Finance Office at the address above. Thank you for your cooperation.

2020-2021 Re-Enrollment - Phase One

Please feel free to fill out the Intent of Enrollment survey and update your information on PowerSchool once you, your company, or both know your family’s decision for next school year.

Step 1 – Intent of Enrollment Survey
Wherever your family currently is – returning to ISQ, still deciding, or leaving Qingdao – please fill out the Intent of Enrollment survey at your earliest convenience. This should take 2-3 minutes to fill out.
Intent of Enrollment Survey

Step 2 – PowerSchool Re-Enroll
For families returning next year, please complete PowerSchool Re-Enroll process in your PowerSchool account. This step covers ISQ’s policies, and allows you to update your family’s information. If you intend on having your child ride the bus next year, please select your child’s current bus stop or if you know you will move, select the closest bus stop to your family’s new home address.

The “PowerSchool Re-Enroll Instructions” attachment below is a visual guide on how to navigate PowerSchool’s Re-Enroll process.
PowerSchool Re-Enroll Instructions


If you have any questions about re-enrollment process, please email If you have technical problems with PowerSchool, you may email our IT Office directly at

Comment from Mrs. Shine Shi:
Because of COVID-19, 2020 AP tests have been modified to an online test which will happen at the same time all around the world. This arrangement is not easy for our students, most of whom are in Asia, because it means they'll be writing their AP tests between 12am and 5am. To help our ISQ students prepare well for the tests under these new circumstances, Mr. Attaway arranged simulation testing. AP calculus AB and AP calculus BC were the first tests, taken at 2am last Tuesday.

After the calculus tests, Mrs. Shi was finished with her duties and could go to sleep, but she knew that some of her students were still doing another test at 4am. These students have a great attitude, right? Given the circumstances, Mrs. Shi didn't know how many students would actually show up. To her surprise, 17 of her 18 students turned in their papers and found their ability to face these new challenges impressive.

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