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MAC (Marketing, Admissions and Communications) Updates

1. Admissions Open House

ISQ hosted its annual Admissions Open House on Wednesday, April 24th. We had around 25 families visit the campus for an information session and a school tour. All the current and the future principals had chances to join and share what next year would look like at ISQ.

The admissions office is getting inquiries and recruiting students for next school year. If you have any friends or neighbors who are interested in ISQ for their children’s education, please contact the admissions office at

We would be happy to meet with prospective families.

2. Re-enrollment reminder

It’s been 3 weeks since we started the re-enrollment process. So far we have 115 students who have been re-enrolled on Powerschool. The current student re-enrollment and Early Bird discount is due May 15th. You can still re-enroll after May 15th until July 15th but the remaining spots will filled on a first come, first serve basis for both new students and re-enrolling students.

If you have ECC or Elementary students, we have very limited spots in several grades. If your child will be a high school student next year, their class application won’t count until they are re-enrolled on Powerschool. Please keep these factors in mind so that you can re-enroll your child in a timely manner.

As always, feel free to contact admissions office for any questions regarding re-enrollment process.

Open House

Open House

Open House

Open House

Open House

2019-2020 Calendar

Dear Parents,

Attached is our 2019-2020 school calendar. Please download and save the calendar below. We have distributed a hard copy of calendar to every student this week as well.


SAT and AP Exam Schedule

ISQ High School Parents,

Saturday, May the 4th, and Saturday, June 1st, are the two remaining test dates for the SAT exam. Please call the school (ext. 73140) if you have any questions about these test dates. All students who are registered for these tests need to be at ISQ by 7:30 AM to register. The exam will begin promptly at 8am on each date and all students need to provide their own calculator if needed for their exam.

AP Exam Dates are the week of May 6th to the 10th and May 13th to the 17th. All students have pre-registered for these exams and the schedule (room assignment) will be posted around the school for students to check. Many of the exams begin at 12 and end at 2 or 3 PM. Students need to be aware of possible conflicts with lunch and prepare accordingly. Students can bring their lunch or ask a teacher if they can get out of class a little early in order to eat and then take their exam. Eating or drinking is never allowed in the exam rooms. If you have questions about any of these exams please call the school (Ext. 73140)


Bean Logsdon

COUNTING DOWN TO “ROBIN HOOD” - A Saturday Rehearsal

We can mark off another week of rehearsals in the books for the Middle School Theatre’s Production of “Robin Hood”. This week went somewhat smoothly. We only have three full cast Saturday rehearsals this year and our next one is our dress rehearsal! We can’t believe we’re already counting down less than two weeks until opening day! Our Saturday began with Mr. Greene, the Theatre Tech teacher, starting us all off with a few warm-up games and exercises, to prepare our minds and bodies for a day of work and acting. Afterwards the cast (Theatre) and crew (Theatre Tech) separated to get to work.

Theatre Tech students were able to make significant progress in the construction of the set. The stage has four main areas, the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Castle, the local village, Sherwood Forest and the outlaw’s camp. The crew spent time cutting out and painting tree flats, constructing houses for the town (which including thatching roofs and paint walls), as well as, painting stone walls inside the castle. Eighth grade Tech student Thomas Kong is excited that the set is almost finished. He told me, “We worked really hard to make this, and it’s looking pretty good.” If you get a chance to peek into the ISQ Auditorium, I think you will be shocked at the transformation!

Another group of hard-working individuals were present this Saturday. Cast mom and costume designer, Mrs. Peek gathered a team of hard-working parents, teachers, and even some students to help put finishing touches on most of the costumes. There are lots of boots, hoods, and medieval tunics showing up around ISQ!

Meanwhile, actors and actresses performed through scenes under the direction of Miss Manning. Theatre students managed to act through nearly all of their scenes, many of characters having very intense emotions from grief to great joy. The cast rehearsed through almost all of Act 2 in one productive day. We continued going through major elements of fight choreography. One problem we seem to have is continually students breaking character and laughing in the middle of a sometimes serious scene – ruining the moment. Still, we have a lot of fun rehearsing. Eighth grade student Tiffany H. plays The Sheriff of Nottingham. She reported that everyone has loved the chance to participate in this production. She particularly loves her role, with a grin she expressed, “I loved the chance to berate my servants, those peasants. It is a highly enjoyable experience.” Eighth grade student Cherry L. plays an original character named Gwen. Gwen is a fiery outlaw who may or may not have a pan as her weapon of choice. Cherry is very optimistic about the show exclaiming, “It’ll be great!” Our productions Marian, played by seventh grader Elise K. seconded that opinion saying that she feels the show itself is “Magnificent.”

I have to confess that my favorite part of Saturday rehearsals is definitely the snack breaks. The teachers and parents always bring a lot of delicious things!

Written by Eli Brimacombe & Miss Manning
Eli is in seventh grade and currently playing the role of Robin Hood in this production.
Miss Manning is a middle school English and Theatre teacher at ISQ.

We continue to move forward with the preparations for the production. If you haven’t bought your tickets for May 10th or 11th, be sure to do it soon! Seating is limited, so get your tickets before they sell out! Scan/extract the QR code below and follow the instructions to buy your tickets today!

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

5th Grade Transition Talks

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Each year around this time Student Services begins helping your child with the transition into middle school. We do this through a series of short weekly talks and activities. We know that this transition is a big one. The jump into a new way of doing school with multiple teachers and classrooms, the increased responsibility, and the many opportunities all create mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety. Our goal is to partner with you in helping your child along that journey. We will talk about some of the challenges they can expect as they mature socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and academically. Please ask your child how they are feeling about transitioning into middle school, and let us know of any concerns that you may have.

Your child will participate in the following schedule over the next weeks:

Session 1 Being a Tween
Session 2 Friendship and Forgiveness
Session 3 Middle School Anxieties and Identity
Session 4 Expectations in the Middle School
Session 5 Visit the Middle School