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Dads Gathering at BARA

It was great to see both familiar and new fathers last weekend at BARA café. I enjoyed our conversations as well as listening to everyone’s thoughts about our new learning outcomes, raising our children, and life in Qingdao. This was a fantastic event and I am looking forward to more events and gatherings for dads.

2019-2020 New Staff Assigned

As we continue as a team in pursuing staffing for our next school year, we want to give you an update to developments in this area. We have assigned talented professionals for the following areas for the next academic year:
• English Language Arts
• Mathematics
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Biology
• Social Studies
• Computer Science and Technology
• Music
• ECC and Elementary teachers

Many of these positions will be filled by teachers new to ISQ and will be coming from the USA, Australia, UK and South Africa. We are looking forward as they join our vibrant learning community. We appreciate your continued support.

Ben Yap

Head of School

Dads Gathering

Dads Gathering

Dads Gathering

Departing Staff

As we are planning and preparing for the next school year, staff have also made decisions of whether or not they’ll move on. Below you can find an attachment that honors and highlights the staff who are departing at the end of this school year. If you would like to join others and share gratitude or words of encouragement with them, you can find their email addresses in the attachment as well.

Departing Staff.pdf

ISQ Leadership Team

Next Wednesday – No School Holiday

Dear Parents,

Next Wednesday, May 1, school is closed for a national holiday.

Enjoy the holiday!

THIS WEEK ON STAGE --- Part 2: The Script

There are so many Robin Hood adaptions out in the world. Far too many for any one person to count. So, people are bound to ask themselves, what makes the ISQ version of “Robin Hood” unique?

When looking at scripts for the show, Middle School Theatre teacher Ms. Manning wasn’t too impressed with the choices available. She read through pieces of over twenty different script adaptations. She found them all too frivolous. When asked about the other scripts, Miss Manning said, “They were too shallow. Their characters seem to have no strong convictions. I was looking for a show with heart and a powerful message. Not comedy for comedy’s sake.”

In this adaption, Robin is motivated by more than just a desire to be a hero. He struggles with doing the right thing, instead of just the easy thing. Robin initially feels powerless in the face of all the evil that is in this world, but he has a change of heart and makes a choice to be a force for good. He recognizes when he comes together with his friends, they can make a far bigger difference than when alone. Robin and his friends are courageous and willing to sacrifice themselves for others, friends or strangers. Robin and his gang stand up against those who have been exploiting, oppressing, and starving the people. They rise up to protect those who cannot protect themselves and send the selfish evil-doers a strong message. Many risk their lives when they decide to stand against the Sheriff of Nottingham and the false King, Prince John. They choose to stand for King Richard, the man they believe to be the righteous and true king. Though it is dangerous, the outlaws of Sherwood Forest refuse to give in to greedy rulers and use their voices (and swords, bows and arrows) to do what they believe is right.

An ISQ original, this script adaptation of “Robin Hood” seeks not only to entertain audiences, but to also educate and inspire audiences to understand that the easy choice is not always the right one… and doing what you believe is right – especially helping people – is the most powerful thing a person can do.

The show dates are Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th beginning at 6:30 PM. Admissions is 40 RMB per ticket. Tickets can be purchased through ClearCut, an online ticket sales program. To order your tickets, simply extract the QR code or open the link below and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages. When completing your order, make sure your email address is correct as ClearCut will email tickets to you. Once you receive the email, either print out or save your tickets and present them at the front door during the night of the show.

Be sure to mark your calendars and experience this never before seen retelling of the legend of “Robin Hood” on May 10th and 11th at ISQ!

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Routine Speech and Hearing Screenings

ISQ has scheduled speech and hearing screenings for all students in the ECC to 2nd grade. This assessment will happen on Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd during the school day and done by a North American certified speech therapist and our school nurse. Should you wish your child to not participate, please notify otherwise all students will receive the benefit of this assessment.


Carol Franck
Director of Student Services

SCIPMYLO T-shirt Design Contest

Our annual SCIPMYLO T-shirt Design Contest is on. If your child would like to submit a design, please have them submit it to their classroom teacher by Friday morning, May 3rd. All designs must be done completely by the student, on their own, on white A4 paper, in black marker. The design should include the words “SCIPMYLO”, “2019”, and “ISQ ECC & Elementary”. Let your child express himself/herself creatively through the design and have a chance to win a 200 RMB cash prize, if selected as this year’s t-shirt designer.

Qihui Science Fair Field Trip

On Friday, April 12, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students traveled to Qihui Cornerstone Bilingual School to visit their second annual Science Fair. During the time, students connected with peers, asking questions about their experiments and findings. Students also participated in a scavenger hunt that challenge them to ask questions to find out information from various students’ science fair projects.

Qihui Field Trip

Qihui Field Trip

Qihui Field Trip

Qihui Field Trip