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Until Further Notice Home-Based Learning
May 1 & 4 May First Holiday – No School
June 12 End of Second Semester/Last Day of School

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Jiayou from Mrs. Hope Yang's Chinese Class)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Jiayou from Mrs. Hope Yang's Chinese Class)

For Secondary Parents

Shifts in Middle School and High School for Academic Success

Dear Secondary Students and Parents,

We want to thank you for your continued partnership with ISQ through these difficult circumstances as well as your diligence in engaging in home-based learning with the desire to see continued steps toward growth in learning.

We wish to inform you that we have valued your feedback throughout HBL, which has helped us to make important shifts in how we hope to prioritize connection, consistency, and communication for Quarter 4.

Along with more unification in the practices that you will see amongst the Secondary teaching team, you will also see important shifts in policies and practices that are being put in place for Quarter 4 of this year outlined below.

Exams are being adjusted or cancelled throughout the world, which can be seen in the adjustments that College Board has made. ISQ exams will be adjusted in the following ways:
Grade 8 exams are cancelled.
Traditional HS exams will be risk-free. Although all students are expected to take these exams, they will not negatively impact students’ grades.
Instead of exams, some HS courses will assign projects, which may not necessarily be risk-free, but they are typically quite engaging celebrations of learning and rarely impact students’ grades negatively who seek feedback from teachers during project development.
AP exams will be online; students and parents should expect more information about how we are preparing students to meet the AP updates.
We hope to offer the June 6th SAT and SAT subject tests, though the May 2nd SAT has been cancelled.

The ISQ Secondary Handbook outlines HS add/drop policies, which includes course withdrawal policies; MS add/drop and course withdrawal policies currently do not exist. An incomplete grade policy does not currently exist either. However, withdrawal and incomplete policies and practices are being modified for Quarter 4 of this year in several ways:
HS students may now withdraw from courses through May 2, though they need to continue being enrolled in the minimum number of required courses (7 for Grades 9-11; 6 for Grade 12).

An incomplete policy will be instituted as follows:
All Secondary students who are unable to earn a grade equivalent to a D or higher in any course from this semester will instead be given an INC, meaning Incomplete, on their report cards and transcripts, both of which will have comments pointing to the circumstantial difficulties of this semester due to COVID-19.
• HS students who choose to withdraw from a course while failing from a course will be given an INC instead of a WF.
• A score of INC will not impact students’ Grade Point Averages, though HS credit will not be given to students who earn an INC. Credit may retroactively be earned (see next bullet).
Returning HS students will be given up to next semester (or August for graduating seniors) to earn credit for incomplete courses; these plans will be developed by Mr. Attaway ( who will initiate contact with students and their parents needing to benefit from this policy in the coming weeks.
• INC scores will not be retroactively given for any course in which a student earned a failing grade or withdrew from before this current semester.
MS students who have significantly struggled in courses or lacked engagement throughout the semester may be given an INC

If a student is struggling to earn a passing score in more than one course, the Secondary Principal will meet with the student’s parents with suggestions on which courses to prioritize, potentially even suggesting that the student no longer engage in one or more courses with the intention of receiving an INC.

In order to reduce student stress and anxiety related to overall performance, elective courses—including Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, PE, and Tech Arts—are making several adjustments to allow for greater concentration and effort toward other courses. Elective courses will no longer culminate in percentage grades; instead, elective courses will assign Pass or Incomplete for this semester.

Points will not be deducted from students’ work that is submitted past deadlines; however, students are still HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to submit work on time in order to avoid natural consequences, such as a lack of feedback, and delays in grading, and interruptions in future learning. Furthermore, students who submit large amounts of late work after May 22nd may risk receiving scores of INC on their report cards.

Again, thank you for your continued partnership. We continue to welcome feedback and look forward to when we can meet again on the ISQ campus.


Randy Attaway
Secondary Principal – Teaching & Learning

Chris Peek
Secondary Principal – Student Wellbeing

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
Writing sentences in Advanced Chinese Class ~ Wonderful Handwriting

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
School work in the kitchen

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
Creative working making a DNA model in 8th Grade Science class

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
Second Grade Classes 2A & 2B "Meeting" Together

Updating Vaccines during COVID-19

Time away from the campus is an opportunity to ensure that your kids are up-to-date with vaccinations against preventable diseases. Nowadays, we are reminded of the importance of having a vaccine (against COVID-19), as we currently don’t have one. Once a vaccine is developed for this new virus, the global situation is expected to get much better. A vaccine can prevent someone from getting a specific disease by helping the immune system fight infection.

So why won’t we make use of the available protection we have? With international schools and global travel, it’s very important that we spread well-being and goodwill, not infection.

Source: World Health Organization

Depending on your circumstance, the availability of your physician (pediatrician), or if your current area is safe, you can start looking into your options on how your kids can get the required and recommended vaccines based on WHO’s recommendations.

Please submit new or updated certificates of immunization to during this HBL period, so we can update students’ health records for the next school year. If you lost a vaccination certificate or want to be exempted, you can fill out and send the attached Lost Record Waiver and Vaccination Exemption Waiver. If you have any questions regarding vaccinations, please send them to the e-mail above.

When we return to our campus, we may not be allowed to let students enter when they are sick. And so, we are emphasizing that having necessary vaccinations may lessen your child’s chances of getting sick, and missing school. With good health and a safe environment, we can better LEARN, LOVE and LEAD. Let’s do it together!

For your well-being,

Ms. Lucia An and Mr. Aries Gamer
School Nurses – The Health Office

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Komal P's AP Chemistry work)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Sander C's AP Chemistry Work 1)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Sander C's AP Chemistry Work 2)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Wendy C's AP Chemistry work)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Sunny J's AP Chemistry work-1)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Sunny J's AP Chemistry work-2)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Sunny J's AP Chemistry work-3)

Our Campus is Closed; Our Learning Continues
(Sunny J's AP Chemistry work-4)

It's been a hard semester for AP Chemistry class. With COVID-19 leading us to move to HBL, we haven't been able to do fun experiments in labs like before. However, most of the students are still keeping their high standards of learning and working with Ms. Nurse and Mrs. Shi.

Mrs. Shi says she has been very touched by her students' work, most of it has been beyond her expectations. Students show their clear processes, even for the multiple choice questions. Students send encouraging emails when they try to correct Mrs. Shi's work mistakes.

There are many fun discussions about chemistry going on during HBL. We are very proud of you, AP Chem class! – Comment from Mrs. Shine Shi

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