Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
Until Further Notice Home-Based Learning
March 27 End of Third Quarter
April 10 Good Friday – No School
May 1 & 4 May First Holiday – No School
June 12 End of Second Semester/Last Day of School

March 17 iSC Letter Updates

Please read the attached letter from iSC at your earliest convenience.

Returning to Qingdao

As a reminder, the Qingdao Education Bureau does not recommend for families to return to Qingdao unless your situation necessitates you to return. In Qingdao, there are stricter screening and possible hotel quarantines for those who return from overseas. Qingdao is also requiring all families who chose to return to Qingdao to report their arrival dates to their Wuye prior to landing.

In addition to this, please also inform your relevant principal assistant of your arrival date and your flight/train number. For ECC/Elementary, contact June Sun and for Secondary, contact Sarah Cheng.

Five Guidelines When Talking with Children about COVID-19

Dear Parents,

Concerns over the new coronavirus can make children and families feel anxious. It’s very important to remember that children look to you for guidance on how to react to stressful events. Consider the five guidelines – stay calm, monitor use of media, maintain daily routines, be factual, and model basic hygiene and health lifestyle practices – when talking to your children about COVID-19. To learn more about these guidelines, read this attachment from our Health Office and the National Association of School Psychologists.

For your well-being,

Nurse Gamer and Nurse An
The Health Office

Helpful Notes and Reminders

Library Resources

Please use these opportunities of still moments to enjoy the resources on our online library.
Online Library

Reminder - Spring Break Canceled

Our school system, iSC, announced last week that spring break (April 6-10) has been replaced with continued learning.

iSC Online School

Does your family foresee not being able to returning to Qingdao when Home-Based Learning ends and would like to continue learning online with us? Click this link to read last Friday’s letter iSC Online School overview. If your family is interested, scan the QR code to enroll your child into the iSC Online School.

Resuming On-Campus Learning Postponed

In keeping with our commitment to provide you three weeks' notice before our return to campus, we have not been approved to resume on-campus classes and will be extending our HBL initiative until further notice.

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