The Cue

ISQ meeting with Qingdao Education Bureau

On March 4th, a visiting team from the Qingdao Education Bureau visited ISQ and expressed their care and readiness to help prepare for students to resume on-campus learning as soon as possible.

As we shared our Virus and Safety Control Plan and the progress we’ve made to resume on-campus learning, the visiting team endorsed all the diligent and hard work our support staff and leadership team have made. The visiting team was also impressed with the HBL initiative and shared their appreciation and thanks for our teaching staff’s exceptional teaching and hope that, wherever our students are at around the world, that they will continue to learn and grow in this season.

We’re thankful for the Qingdao Education Bureau’s support and I’m deeply grateful for our teachers, support staff, leadership team, and iSC resolute efforts and professionalism.

Recruitment for New Staff for 2020-2021

As we start to plan for next year, we as a team are putting our energy and efforts into pursuing staffing for next school year.

The iSC recruitment office, based in the USA, and the ISQ leadership team have interviewed a number of qualified and talented individuals for positions in various teaching and non-teaching roles. We are appreciative with the progress so far and we will update you as new appointments are made. We value your continued support.

Staff Announcement

Staff Departures

Dear Parents,

Nearly everything in an international community is transient, including what is most important to us - our students, parents, and staff. As we are planning for the next school year, staff have also made decisions of whether or not they’ll move on. Attached is a letter that honors and highlights two other staff members who have indicated they are departing at the end of this school year.

Though it’s hard to say goodbye, we’re eager to see where their calling leads them. If you would like to join others and share gratitude or words of encouragement with them, you can find their email addresses in the attachment as well.

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