iSC Update – HBL and Resuming On-Campus Classes

This letter reaffirms our HBL initiative’s progress, addresses important information about resuming on-campus classes (still projected to begin on March 23), and explains a contingency plan if other factors outside our control prevent us from resuming on-campus classes on March 23.

iSC Letter

School Prep Survey and Government Quarantine Guidelines

If you haven't already, please fill out the survey below for your entire family today. This is a specific request from the Qingdao Education Bureau. If multiple children attend ISQ, please use your youngest child’s name and grade in the survey. We need 100% participation as we prepare for school to resume on-campus classes. As your arrival date passes, we’ll contact you to confirm you’ve arrived in Qingdao. If your arrival date changes, please let us know.

Survey Link

Also, as an international school, all our staff and school families have been specifically directed by our local government to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine period. If you or family members in your household have traveled outside of Qingdao, please comply with your local housing management and report to them where you’ve traveled, when you’ve arrived, and observe their quarantine guidelines. Also when you return to Qingdao, please inform your principals’ assistant of your arrival date (June Sun for ECC and Elementary students and Sarah Cheng for Secondary students) so we may keep track of families who are undergoing and have completed 14-day self-quarantine. Students are not permitted to return to school once on-campus classes resume if they haven’t completed a 14-day self-quarantine period.

The Next Few Weeks

Next week is a travel week (Feb 29-March 8) for ISQ’s staff, students, and families to return to Qingdao and prepare for a 14-day self-quarantine period. While everyone is under self-quarantine, HBL will continue from March 9-20.

Though the government hasn't officially announced when schools may resume (as of February 24), we’re tentatively planning for on-campus classes to resume on March 23.

Our Home-Based Learning Webpage

Have questions about HBL or our future plans such as directions on who to contact or when school ends this semester? Please check our Home-Based Learning webpage. We’ve updated our questions section and have made it easier to navigate the various sections.

Home-Based Learning Webpage

March 14 SAT Details

Dear ISQ Parents and Students,

We want to give you some feedback with regard to our communication with the College Board.

March 14th SAT

As some of you might already know, this SAT has been cancelled.
If you registered for this SAT, by now you should have received communication from the College Board.

Some students have already made plans to write this test, but in a different venue. If you still have a desire to do this, then please contact Mr. Rooza by Thursday, 27th February, at the latest.

The basis of what the College Board wants is this:

They will:

a. Look at whether you live or are currently attending a school located outside China,
b. Then you will need to provide a letter from ISQ in English by February 28th confirming that you are a current student of the school and then lastly,
c. Look at where you are currently located for them to review/consider whether you will,

I. qualify to write at a different venue
II.Space is available at these venues

AP Exams

Our Schools (iSC) are communicating regularly with the College Board and they are also monitoring the situation closely for any potential impact on the May exams. We will inform students and parents regarding any changes as soon as we have clarity.

Thank you,

Lloyd Rooza
Testing Coordinator

iSC Laos Service Trip

Dear Parents,

You may remember a few invitations last semester for high school students to serve on a trip to Laos over Chinese New Year vacation.

To learn more on how that wonderful excursion went, click the link below to read Yantai Huashang International School’s (YHIS; one of our iSC sister schools in China) excellent writing piece reflecting on the Laos service trip.


iSC Laos Service Trip

iSC Laos Service Trip

iSC Laos Service Trip

iSC Laos Service Trip

iSC Laos Service Trip

iSC Laos Service Trip

ISQ’s Safety and Virus Control Plan Overview

In collaboration amongst International Schools Consortium (iSC), our school system, and with industry leaders, we have adopted a progressive tiered approach. This is a brief overview of what to expect, with more details coming after the March 2-6 break.

Phase 1

Prepare and provide protective equipment and promote preventative measures amongst our ISQ community.

Phase 2

Implement health and safety policies and maintain a safe environment with routine disinfection, temperature monitoring, cleaning and sanitization of surfaces, and building ventilation.

Phase 3

Sustain a safe environment for our community by ensuring health and safety policies are followed, supported, and measured for effectiveness.

MAC Team

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