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Dear Parents,

Since our first survey was sent out two weeks ago, much has changed. We need to update each family’s information as we prepare to resume school on March 23. Please take two minutes to fill out this new survey once for your entire family. If you have more than one child at ISQ, please use your youngest child’s name and grade.

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Thank you,

MAC Team

First Grade English Review

Second Grade Virtual Meeting

Updates from iSC

Attached are updates from iSC’s Superintendents.

ISC Updates

Tips While Staying Indoors

Are your children losing their minds spending so much time stuck in the house and/or staring at their screens? Are you losing your mind? In some cultures we call what happens when you are stuck indoors too long, “Going stir crazy”!!! Here are just a few ideas on what you can do to combat going stir crazy!
• Bake cookies or homemade candy.
• Have your children plan, cook, and serve a meal to the whole family.
• Play your favorite board game and/or modify a favorite game into a new challenge by changing the rules as an example.
• Find an exercise and do it together as a family.
• Make an indoor obstacle course with items you have in the house; time the kids to see who can go through it the fastest.
• Do an indoor scavenger hunt.
• Set up a circus: hula hoop, juggle, and jump rope for an audience.
• Make up a dance to a favorite song and film your children’s music video.
• Using online sources, teach each different types of dances or about your favorite subjects.
• Tape large paper to the wall and get out the art supplies. Hang the masterpieces up for a mini-art show.
• Make puppets out of paper bags and have a puppet show.
• Sing karaoke. (Don’t have a karaoke machine? Just pull up the lyrics on your computer and go to town!)
• Let your kids play dress up with your old clothes, shoes, and jewelry, and then have a fashion show.
• Write and direct a family TV show.
• Have a family movie night, complete with sleeping bags and popcorn.
• Create a time capsule to preserve these family memories!
• Set up a pajama party in the living room with pillows, make tents with blankets.
• Pick a video game that everyone can play and have a tournament; play as teams to see who can get the best team score.
• Make piles of recycled materials and tape to see who can make the best looking statue, building, animal, movie character.
• Develop some ideas on how to show support and hope to the community right now.
• With color tape, make an obstacle course, hop scotch, or four square for your children to play.
• Read a book as a family. Take turns picking the book that you will read together.
• Document this interesting time as a family! Create a collage with pictures, news clippings, screen shots and/or videos, and daily journal entries.
Have fun! And if you have other great ideas please share them!

Glenn Harsch
Secondary Social & Emotional Counselor

MS student explaining pre-algebra solution

CDIS Shares Valuable HBL Tips

Dear Parents,

Scan the QR code or click the link to read some valuable tips our sister school, CDIS, shared on how to better support your children learning at home.

Tips for HBL

Elementary art using fruits and vegetables

HBL in Real Life

We’re making a video of what Home-Based Learning (HBL) looks like for you! Please follow the QR to upload a photo of you or your family participating in HBL – it could be working at a computer, participating in PE, playing an instrument, or reading a book – wherever and whatever you are learning!

A sweet letter of encouragement

Secondary HBL Updates

Dear Parents of Secondary Students,

We hope that you and your child(ren) are doing well. Thank you, sincerely, for all of your feedback via surveys and email. Your feedback, along with that of your child(ren) and our teachers, is helping us to make HBL more effective every day. At the beginning of last week, our teachers began making adjustments that should help you to see collective improvement this week and going forward.

First, teachers are differentiating between assignments and assessments. Assignments are how your child(ren) will learn information (such as reading or practicing problems); these are ungraded. Assessments are how your child(ren) will demonstrate their learning (such as through essays and discussions). Your child(ren) may have an assignment every day of the week, but we are reducing the number of assessments to two per week (except for AP classes). Furthermore, your child(ren) can expect to do assessments on specific days. For example, MS classes will only give assessments as follows: ELA, Math, Character Education, and PE assessments may take place on Wednesdays and Fridays whereas Social Studies, Science, Chinese/ELS, and Fine Arts assignments may take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. HS classes will continue giving assessments that follow their routine A/B schedule, though they may also allow your child(ren) to submit major assessments on the weekends as is typical.

Second, you and your child(ren) have asked for more video contact with teachers. Teachers are working to incorporate at least one form of video communication into their lessons per week. This may look like a weekly video outlining expectations and providing encouragement or recorded instructional videos or invitations to video calls. Please understand that this will look different from teacher to teacher, but all of our teachers are working to connect more with your child(ren) through the use of videos.

Third, we are working as best we can to make sure that your child(ren) experiences engagement with their teachers, peers, and learning materials. Please continue partnering with us in these efforts by helping your children to following a daily schedule (a template was shared from Mr. Attaway with your child(ren) via email on 10 February) that incorporates time for learning, breaks, eating, and socialization. Also, please be reminded that ISQ assignments and assessments should take priority over any time spent in academies.

Again, we thank you for your partnership. Your feedback is helping us to grow in our HBL efforts and we hope that you are seeing your child(ren) experiencing success in their learning and growth in their wellbeing as we have all begun establishing new routines amidst the challenges of the season. If your child(ren) is not experiencing success, please have them connect with their teachers, principals, and/or counselor. Feel welcome to contact us as well as you have concerns, suggestions, and questions.

Randy Attaway
Secondary Principal - Teaching and Learning
Chris Peek
Secondary Principal - Student Wellbeing

Notice from Qingdao Education Bureau

Please read the attached letter from our Qingdao Education Bureau.

English Version

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