Elementary Health Fair

The Annual Elementary Health Fair is coming on Friday, February 22. This is an event that helps to instill healthy values in our students. During the school day, our elementary students will participate in five stations that highlight the benefits (and fun) of veggies, healthy stretching exercises, listening to your body, dealing with conflict and understanding compromise, as well as learning an app that helps students calculate food portion sizes. Ask your children about it afterward!

Lower School Quarter 3 After-School Activities (ASA3)

ASA3 will start next Monday and Wednesday, February 18th & 20th. If you enrolled your Kindergarten-G5 child in ASA3, we’d like to remind you that the activities finish at 4:15 pm. If your child is registered in our school bus program, they will take the ASA bus home. Bus schedules will be posted on Class WeChat groups and Class Dojo. Students not enrolled in our bus program must be picked up by parents from school at 4:15 pm. If you have not yet paid for your child’s ASA fee, please do so by Monday, February 18th. We look forward to another great quarter of ASA!

Staff Announcement

Leadership Appointments

Dear parents,

During the last week of school before Chinese New Year, interviews were held for the new Leadership/Administration positions for the 2019/2020 school year.

Candidates were of an exceptional high standard. After consideration and consultation with ISC HR, I am pleased to announce that the following staff members have been appointed leadership/administration positions for the 2019/2020 school year.

• Jo Anna Kolbe – Elementary/ECC Principal of Teaching and Learning
• Carol Franck – Elementary/ECC Principal of Student Well-being
• Randy Attaway – Secondary Principal of Teaching and Learning
• Chris Peek – Secondary Principal of Student Well-being

I want to express my gratitude to Rachel Causey, ISC HR Director, who travelled to Qingdao from Tianjin to assist with the interviews and the selection process.

Please join me in congratulating them.

In the coming months, the Leadership Team will be unfolding the exciting vision of how we wish to continue supporting our students to the best of our ability at ISQ.

Leadership Team