iSC Home-Based Learning Survey

Dear Parents,

We are interested in learning more about your initial experiences with your child’s home-based learning (HBL). The information you provide will help us improve your child's learning experience. Because different children often have different experiences in the same school, please complete this survey once per child. The parent survey takes about 3 minutes to complete. In order to get timely feedback to our teachers, this survey will close Friday, February 7th at 12 PM China time.

Survey Link

On Monday, we began the morning with an all staff conference call to encourage and update staff. Our conference call had over 80 staff at one point! Teachers then split into their divisional teams for more time to meet.

Travel or stay in Qingdao?

Hi Parents,

We sent out a travel survey last weekend and received 80% participation in 48 hours! If you haven’t responded to the travel survey or our follow up email from your child’s divisional principals' assistant, please click the email link “Travel Survey” in the previous message or respond to Ms. Cheng or Ms. Sun’s email this week.

If your travel plans have changed since you filled out the survey i.e. delay coming back to Qingdao or decided to travel abroad, please email Ms. Cheng or Ms. Sun your location and estimated date of returning to Qingdao so we can update your travel records.

Ms. Cheng –
Ms. Sun –

Thank you!

MAC Team

First Grade Online Learning

Alegbra 1
Gina L. explaining in a video how to find the area of the excess cookie dough

Grade 8 English Classroom Board

Home-Based Learning and 2019-nCOV Virus Messages

Over the last two weeks, we’ve sent out messages almost every other day in an effort to keep our community informed with the latest information and plans for Home-Based Learning. We’d like to help everyone stay organized and have rolled up all the previous whole school emails we’ve sent out below. The messages with a *** at the end of the title are messages that are still relevant and important for parents.

January 24 - nCOV - Updates and Prevention at ISQ

January 26 - School Postponed for Two Weeks

January 28 - Travel to Wuhan or Hubei Province?

January 30 - Overview of Home-Based Learning ***

January 30 - Travel Survey ***

January 31 - Home-Based Learning Details ***