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ISC Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

It is January, and we’re excited to begin second semester. For those of you with us last year, you may remember that we conduct an annual school-wide survey of parents, students, and staff. Having your thoughtful input helps us in our continual efforts to improve the educational experience for your children.

The survey asks questions about your experiences with the school’s learning environment (physical, as well as social and emotional), the educational programs, your child’s teachers, school safety, school-home communication, and opportunities for parental involvement. We need your perspective as we evaluate these aspects of our school, and we appreciate your comments. We welcome survey responses from both parents, or one parent can respond for the whole family.

Survey participants will be entered into a drawing and one lucky person will win an ISQ mug and a new 2019 ISQ art calendar. Please note, even though the survey asks for your name for the drawing, your answers are anonymous and your responses will not be seen by anyone at ISQ because this survey is handled externally.

Thanks again for your support of our school.

ISC Parent Survey

China Week Celebration Schedule

ISQ will celebrate the spring festival all week next week.

Each day there will be many activities for our students to enjoy learning about their host culture. Part of China Week is the ISQ House Spirit Dress Up Week!

This year we will have the following dress up days:
Monday January 21: Pigs and Pajamas - Show spirit by wearing your pajamas, bringing stuffed pigs, dressing like a pig etc!
Tuesday January 22: House Colors - Show spirit by wearing your house color
Wednesday January 23: Team China Day! - Show spirit by wearing things that represent China, for example clothes with characters on them, red and yellow, a Jeremy Lin jersey, China national team jerseys, etc.
Thursday January 24: Chinese Character Day! - Show spirit by dressing as a Chinese character ex. Monkey King, Chang’e etc. OR by dressing as a Chinese Character - Hanzi Get Creative!!
Friday January 25: Traditional Chinese - Show spirit by dressing in traditional Chinese clothing

Chinese Department

China Week Assembly Invitation

Dear ISQ Community,
I think you already heard your children talking about the “pigs” they received in school. To celebrate our host country’s Spring Festival, we will have special China Week Assemblies next week for ECC/Elementary and Secondary. We will invite some Wushu performers and some of our own students will also perform and show their Chinese on the stage!

The event details are:
Day: January 25th, 2019
Time: 9:30-10:30 am (ECC/Elementary), 11:30-12:30 pm (Secondary)
Place: ISQ auditorium

Our talented students and staff will also be live-streaming both China Week Assemblies. If you can’t make it to either assembly, you can visit and watch it anywhere!

We wish to see you here,
Chinese Department

Congratulations Staff Graduates!

We have 30 graduating students this year, but did you know we also have six staff graduating this year? Jenny Min, Jeremy Greene, Cici Zhang, Scott Kane, and Chris Dentel have already completed their master’s coursework and Jody Hower will be completing his master’s coursework in May.

These staff, motivated by seeing lives transformed here at ISQ, said they went back to school so that they can better support our families, students, and fellow teachers. We’re truly blessed to have amazing staff here at ISQ. When you see them around, congratulate them!


PTO Meeting

When: Tuesday, January 22
Time: 9:30 AM (snacks provided at 9:00 AM)
Where: 2nd floor, Auditorium