School Calendar/Upcoming Events

Jan. 13-17 – China Week Celebration
Jan. 17 – Half Day
Students release at 11:30 AM
Buses leave at 11:45 AM
Jan. 20- Jan. 31 – Chun Jie Break (No School)
Feb. 14 – ES Health Fair
Feb. 14-15 – iSC HS Basketball Tournament
Feb. 21 – ES Spelling Bee
Feb. 21-22 – iSC Science Fair


High School Science Fair @ISQ!

Small Group Learning

Half Day Reminder

As a reminder this Friday, January 17, is a half day for teachers’ professional development. Like other half days, school will dismiss at 11:30 AM and buses will depart at 11:45 AM.

China Week Series - Sugar Painting

China Week Series - Sugar Painting

China Week Assembly Invitation

Friendly Reminder!

This Friday we’ll have two China Week Assemblies. Parents are invited to the ECC and Elementary assembly that will begin at 8:30 AM. Secondary’s assembly will begin at 10:30 AM and can be viewed via livestream at

Hope to see you there!

JK Cookie Making

Elementary Afterschool Sketch Class

Your Voice Matters!


Your voice matters! Our annual schoolwide improvement survey is still live until January 31. We encourage every family to take time and fill out this invaluable survey that informs us on how we’re growing/improving our students learning environments, education, safety, communication, and more!


Enjoy your Chinese New Year,

MAC Team

Welcome to a Snow Day @ISQ

Welcome to a Snow Day @ISQ

iSC Recruiters visited ISQ!

Jenny Swecker, Recruiter; Brittany West, Applicant Liaison and Susan Phillips, Recruiter and Partnership Development Coordinator based in Newnan Georgia, USA, just finished their tour visiting all of our iSC schools last month.

Before Christmas vacation, all three of them visited ISQ and connected with our staff and leadership to learn more about ISQ and meet with our staff to discuss a range of recruitment subjects.

A Snow Day @ISQ

A Snow Day @ISQ

My Story of Studying in Qingdao

The Qingdao Education Bureau held a series of thematic activities titled “My Story of Studying in Qingdao”, which was held on December 8, 2019 in the auditorium of Qingdao Art School. Foreign students from all over the world showed their skills here, expressing their love for Chinese language and traditional culture. A total of 7 elementary and secondary students from ISQ entered the finals. Our students’ performances ranged from telling their stories of studying abroad, reciting ancient poems, to singing ‘Nine Songs of Chu’, which left a great impression on both the judges and audience.

ISQ Participants in "My Story of Studying in Qingdao"

ISQ Participants in "My Story of Studying in Qingdao"

ISQ Participants Receiving Awards in "My Story of Studying in Qingdao"

2020 Spelling Bee Letter

Dear Elementary Parents,

The annual ISQ Elementary Classroom and School Spelling Bees will take place in February! Before the competition, all students will participate in a practice round to be familiarized with the Spelling Bee format. The official Classroom Spelling Bees will be conducted within each classroom during the week of February 10th-14th and the winners of the second-fifth grade competitions, as well as their parents, will be invited to attend the School Spelling Bee on Friday, February 21st. This year, the first grade students will only participate in the Classroom Spelling Bee, but the certificates and prizes for the top three winners will be awarded during the School Spelling Bee.

A list of all the Spelling Bee words, along with their definitions, has been attached (2019-2020-One-Bee-Words.pdf; 2019-2020-Two-Bee-Words.pdf; 2019-2020-Three-Bee-Words.pdf; 2020_SLSL_Full_List_WC_Defs(1).pdf) to this letter. Our goal is not that the students memorize the list, but that they learn spelling/phonics patterns. The lists of words for lower and upper elementary grades have been included, but your child should focus on the words for their specific grade level first and then move towards progressively harder words. We hope that this annual activity will continue to encourage students to improve in their spelling and public speaking skills as well as celebrate the courage, persistence, and talents of ISQ’s elementary students.

If you have any questions about the rules of this event or about your child’s participation, please contact Jo Anna Kolbe for more details. May you and your family have a wonderful vacation. Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Jo Anna Kolbe and Carol Franck
ISQ ECC/Elementary Principal Team

2 Photos below: AP Chemistry students are using spectrophotometers to find the constant of equilibrium of reversible reactions.

Staff Announcements

Departing staff

Nearly everything in an international community is transient, including what is most important to us - our students, parents, and staff.

Last month, some of you may have heard from your child that a few of our students moved to other places at the end of last semester. As we are planning for the next school year, several staff have also made decisions of whether or not they’ll move on. Attached is a letter that honors and highlights staff who have indicated they are departing at the end of this school year. We have a communications plan regarding the transitions of our staffing and will send out more information later this semester.

Though it’s hard to say goodbye, we’re eager to see where their calling leads them. If you would like to join others and share gratitude or words of encouragement with them, you can find their email addresses in the attachment as well.

ISQ Leadership Team

Elementary Afterschool Sketch Class