Calendar at a Glance

Date Event/Occasion
December 12 ISQ Christmas Celebration
December 17 HS Yule Bash
December 18 12 Days of Christmas - House Event
December 18 Half Day of School
December 19-January 3 Christmas Vacation (No School)
January 4 After-School Activities (ASAs) begin
January 8 HS Science Fair
January 15 Fine Arts Gala

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ISQ Calendar

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A peek into life in Junior-Kindergarten - full of learning, cooperation, and mastering new skills

Canvas for Parents

Step 2 - Accessing Parent Portal

Dear Parents,

Several of you have already completed step 1 of introducing Canvas by logging in this week. If you haven’t yet completed the first steps, please consult this Log in guide for instructions. If you are having trouble with logging in, please check that your email address in PowerSchool is correct. If you discover it is incorrect, please use this survey to make sure we receive your correct email address: Updating your email address survey.

The next step is for parents to access the new ISQ Parent Portal and follow the “start here” instructions. These instructions will help you customize your Canvas account so that you’re prepared for the several new additions.

Thinking Ahead:

For some, another program can come across as daunting. This school year, Canvas for parents will not require anything additional for parents to maintain. You’ll begin to see us shifting over to Canvas with subtle things like building new tutorials for parents to use (like viewing report cards in PowerSchool) or information for next school year being stored there. The primary goal is to have parents log in and feel comfortable with the future improvements.

If we zoom out, by the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, Canvas for parents should simplify much of what it takes to partner with ISQ by streamlining most major components into two programs - PowerSchool and Canvas.

Stay tuned and feel free to let me know your thoughts.


Wesley Bishop
Marketing, Admissions, and Communications Director

1st Grade Science class: learning about phases of the moon, and how our earth and moon orbit the sun

After-School Activities: Registration details

Dear Parents,

As announced last week, we are excited that After-School Activities (ASAs) for Kindergarten to 5th Grade will start on January 4, 2021. HERE you can find an overview of the activities on offer, plus registration, payment, and transportation details.

HERE you can find more detailed descriptions of each activity, and directions for how to register your child on PowerSchool. Registration has opened, and will end at midnight on Sunday, December 13th.

We’re looking forward to your child participating in another fantastic ASA season!

Cici Dong, Student Wellbeing assistant
Carol Franck, Principal of Student Wellbeing

Connection - a quality we value highly at ISQ: High schoolers connecting with elementary students over story-time

Traveling outside Qingdao?

Dear Parents,

In response to recent COVID-19 outbreaks in other cities, the Qingdao Education Bureau requires all our families to inform ISQ if your family decides to travel outside of Qingdao at any time beginning today.

If you are traveling anywhere outside of Qingdao, please complete this survey below. As we track and maintain a safe learning environment, we will contact your family if you visit a COVID-19 “hotspot”. If you’re contacted, please be prepared to have your child receive a COVID-19 test and email the negative COVID-19 test results to and CC June Sun or Sarah Cheng (;

Travel Plans Survey


Health Office

ISQ Connect: Dads enjoying lunch at the Dads Get-Together last weekend

ISQ Connect

Review and New Ideas

We welcomed a dozen parents to our first of many ISQ Connect events this week. The ISQ Connect event was a workshop our principals facilitated for our new families to broadly go over topics of western education at ISQ, English as an additional language, and holistic education.

Looking ahead, we would love to source ideas about ISQ Connect events for parents for the next six months of school. Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts by filling out the survey below.

ISQ Connect Ideas Survey

ISQ Connect: New parent workshop held on Thursday this week

Library Notice

Borrowing books over vacation

Students staying in Qingdao for the Christmas break can borrow up to ten books for their vacation. Students and parents can also access more than one thousand children's ebooks through our school’s TumbleBook Library.

Please find the instruction sheet for accessing these ebooks HERE.

Angel Luan
Head Librarian

Kindergarten and Foundations getting into the Christmas spirit

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