Home-Based Learning

Distance Learning

ISQ has launched Home-Based Learning (HBL) to continue our students' learning and growth during the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) outbreak. The purpose of HBL is to provide continuity in our students' learning and growth online, wherever our teachers and students are residing.

Where did Our HBL Come From?

HBL is an initiative teachers and leaders across International Schools Consortium (iSC) began in January over Chinese New Year break as the risk of the 2019-nCOV outbreak increased.

How is HBL Accomplished?

Teachers at ISQ will be working remotely here in China, Canada, USA, and other countries to provide continuity in learning with videos, online class sessions, assignments, and assessments. Students will engage with their online classes daily and respond with photos, videos, writing pieces, meeting virtually with teachers, and more.

HBL will look different across our grade levels, but the number one predictor of success is parents and teachers working closely together. Parents are instrumental to the success of HBL as they help students proctor assignments, mentor during a project, guide students through math problems, and help transition their child to learning online. Teachers will communicate with parents, especially those with younger children, and be flexible in assignments and assessments based on student's learning and provide differentiated feedback and guidance.

HBL Support & Questions

Teachers will be available to connect with parents or students about any difficulties. Principals are also actively working to support students, teachers, and parents to overcome any obstacle that impedes learning.

General questions not pertaining to teachers can be directed through Carol Franck carol.franck@isqchina.com (ECC and Elementary) and Randy Attaway randy.attaway@isqchina.com (Secondary).

For translation help, please email:
• June Sun June.sun@isqchina.com for ECC and Elementary Chinese translation
• Sarah Cheng sarah.cheng@isqchina.com for Secondary Chinese translation
• Haley Park haley.park@isqchina.com for Korean translation

Delays to On-Campus Learning

In light of updated safety information here in China and from the international community, we have postponed opening campus until March 23. This decision has a myriad of inputs but our chief goal is to keep our students, teachers, and community safe and healthy.

Resuming On-Campus Classes Schedule

To keep our students, teachers, and community safe and healthy, we've set forth a comprehensive plan to carefully bring ISQ back into normal operations. This is our CURRENT plan as of February 7 and several factors may cause further changes.

  1. HBL will continue until February 28
  2. HBL will break for one week from March 2-6. This week is for staff, students, and parents currently in international locations to return to China no later than March 8
  3. HBL will resume for two weeks from March 9-20 while staff and students stay home and undergo a required 14-day self-quarantine. Self-quarantine is instrumental to the health of our community and is prescribed by local authorities in Qingdao
  4. On-campus classes will resume Monday, March 23. More information about ISQ's campus entrance policies and requirements will be communicated later

Looking Ahead after On-Campus Classes Resume

  1. Events in March that require travel have been canceled
  2. Our Spring Break holiday on April 6-10 will remain
  3. We plan to extend our school year until June 12. This decision is based on our need for face to face instructional time with our students without sacrificing important breaks and holidays already in the schedule.

Common Questions

Q: Why doesn't ISQ resume classes at the beginning of March?

A: Travel advisories have not been lifted and at this stage it is still not known definitively when the government will allow schools to meet.

The health and safety of our students and staff is paramount and the trajectory of the situation is still not clear. We are committed to ensure that we do not prematurely start school at the risk of our community. In the meantime, we're confident our teachers, students, and parents can continue achieving quality learning together through our HBL initiative.

Q: Why is there a travel week from March 1-8?

A: Currently the majority of our ISQ students and staff are outside of China. By providing a timeframe for students, their families, and our teachers to travel and transition back. This will enable both students and staff to not miss out on the delivery of HBL during this time.

Q: What is a 14-day self-quarantine?

A: As you may know, the 2019-nCOV virus has a 2-14 day period of incubation (i.e. people do not show symptoms of the virus for up to 14 days but can still be contagious). Local authorities in Qingdao have prescribed a 14-day self-quarantine period for our community before we can begin on-campus classes. We fully support this direction and ask everyone in our ISQ community to self-quarantine themselves in their homes from March 9-22 so we can increase the likelihood of keeping our school safe and healthy by the time we open.

Q: Why do we keep Spring Break (April 6-10)?

A: The current situation of risk, uncertainty, and travel places create additional and unwanted stress on the brain of our students. High stress can close off the pathways to thinking and memory centers. In order to promote and sustain deep learning, higher brain functioning and positive academic outcomes breaks are necessary to be built in.

Q: How are we preparing for when on-campus classes resume on March 23?

A: We're still developing policies and procedures with our school system, iSC, and our local authorities. Masks, temperature checks, increased personal hygiene, and sanitization are some examples of what we can expect.

Stay Informed!