Home-Based Learning


ISQ has launched Home-Based Learning (HBL) to continue our students' learning and growth during the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The purpose of HBL is to provide continuity in our students' learning and growth online, wherever our teachers and students are residing.

ISQ & iSC Updates

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Home-Based Learning Overview

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ISQ & iSC Updates

These previous messages are important and relevant for our community:

March 24, 2020 Lighthouse News 03/24/2020 Updates about AP tests, letter from iSC, video recording of iSC Online School informational sessions, and helpful reminders
March 24, 2020 Encouraging message from our Head of School with a brief update about what the current climate of education in China looks like
March 17, 2020 Lighthouse News 03/17/2020 Updates to our school calendar (April 10 Holiday and May 1 & 4 Holiday), guidelines on how to effectively talk with children about COVID-19, and reminders
March 13, 2020 iSC letter sharing an overview of iSC Online School, expectations, and how to enroll to iSC Online School
March 10, 2020 Lighthouse News 03/10/2020 Informing families about meeting with the Qingdao Education Bureau, our recruitment efforts for new staff for 2020-2021 school year, staff departures
March 10, 2020 iSC Online School enrollment announcement, tentative start date rescheduled, and revisions have been made to our school calendar (Spring Break canceled)
March 3, 2020 The Qingdao Education Bureau recommends that families do not return to Qingdao until a school date is given.
February 25, 2020: Lighthouse News 2/25/2020 Important updates from iSC
February 18, 2020: Lighthouse News 2/18/2020 School prep/travel declaration survey, HBL updates for Secondary Division
February 11, 2020: Lighthouse News 2/11/2020 Key information about HBL expectations in a letter from our principals
February 10, 2020: Letter from our Head of School addressing common questions (added to the FAQ section below)
February 7, 2020: Letter from iSC communicating a tentative plan to resume on-campus classes on March 23
February 4, 2020: Letter from iSC communicating a tentative plan to resume on-campus classes on February 17
January 31, 2020: Details from iSC and ISQ principals explaining how Home-Based Learning (HBL) will begin and work
January 30, 2020: Overview of Home-Based Learning
January 26, 2020: Announcement that school is postponed for two weeks due to COVID-19 risk and that ISQ will provide distance learning while on-campus classes are postponed
January 24, 2020: Sharing important information regarding the emerging virus (2019-nCoV; COVID-19) and how to protect ourselves from the virus

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Where did Our HBL Come From?

HBL is an initiative teachers and leaders across International Schools Consortium (iSC) began in January over Chinese New Year break as the risk of the COVID-19 outbreak increased.

How is HBL Accomplished?

Teachers at ISQ will be working remotely here in China, Canada, USA, and other countries to provide continuity in learning with videos, online class sessions, assignments, and assessments. Students will engage with their online classes daily and respond with photos, videos, writing pieces, meeting virtually with teachers, and more.

HBL will look different across our grade levels, but the number one predictor of success is parents and teachers working closely together. Parents are instrumental to the success of HBL as they help students proctor assignments, mentor during a project, guide students through math problems, and help transition their child to learning online. Teachers will communicate with parents, especially those with younger children, and be flexible in assignments and assessments based on student's learning and provide differentiated feedback and guidance.

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Common Questions

What is a 14-day self-quarantine?

As you may know, the 2019-nCOV virus has a 2-14 day period of incubation (i.e. people do not show symptoms of the virus for up to 14 days but can still be contagious). Local authorities in Qingdao have prescribed a 14-day self-quarantine period for our community before we can begin on-campus classes.

How are we preparing for when on-campus classes resume?

We're still developing policies and procedures with our school system, iSC, and our local authorities. Masks, temperature checks, increased personal hygiene, and sanitization are some examples of what we can expect.

How is attendance recorded?

Attendance will be based on the completion of assigned work on HBL days. Each teacher has assigned pre-determined minutes for the completion of each activity and/or assignment(s). These minutes correlate with the actual amount of time that a student is in class. Students who demonstrate participation through the submission of assignments will be counted as ‘present’ in the attendance record. Attendance requirements may vary for ECC/Kindergarten students from school to school.

Are the students required to be online at any specific time?

No, due to the number of time zone challenges, students may take advantage of the “anywhere, anytime” learning environment of HBL. However, students are highly encouraged to take advantage of any real-time meetings or chat sessions with their teachers.

What are the timelines for completing the individual assignments?

iSC schools desire to help meet the needs of families in this difficult time, so our policy promotes flexibility within reason. We understand that many of our students are not in their homes, may not have easy access to the internet or digital devices, or may not have easy access to other learning materials. Due to these conditions, we have recommended submission dates and checkpoints so that students may remain on pace with their peers to finish the course within Q3. If students are experiencing difficulty remaining on pace with HBL, parents should contact the divisional principal and an action plan may be put in place according to the specific needs of the student and family. These students may qualify to receive an Incomplete (I) for Q3, in which assignments can be made up in Q4.

In what ways and how often can students interact with their teachers?

Students are encouraged to interact with their teachers as needed; teachers have office hours as well as welcome emails from students or parents to schedule appointments for live meetings over video; most interaction is done via school email messages. Teachers are expected to respond to a student’s email within twenty-four hours of the email being received, excluding holidays and weekends. Often, the response time is within a couple of hours and maybe within minutes if the teacher is online at the time of the email. As many iSC teachers are also displaced or in transit, please extend some additional understanding if a teacher has notified you of travel.

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HBL Support & Questions

Teachers will be available to connect with parents or students about any difficulties. Principals are also actively working to support students, teachers, and parents to overcome any obstacle that impedes learning.

General questions not pertaining to teachers can be directed through Carol Franck carol.franck@isqchina.com (ECC and Elementary) and Randy Attaway randy.attaway@isqchina.com (Secondary).

For medical questions only, please contact the health office at nurse@isqchina.com.

For translation help, please email:
• June Sun june.sun@isqchina.com for ECC and Elementary Chinese translation
• Sarah Cheng sarah.cheng@isqchina.com for Secondary Chinese translation
• Haley Park haley.park@isqchina.com for Korean translation


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