Dear Parents,

I want to welcome you to ISQ’s Middle School Division. I believe the middle school years are the most crucial time for our ever-changing and developing children. During grades 6 through 8, students have a wealth of opportunities to explore and grow into their identities. As ISQ’s Middle School Principal, it is a joy for my staff and me to partner with you in this exciting process.

I love working at ISQ. I started at ISQ in January of 2011, and before taking on the role of Middle School Principal, I served as the Head of our Science Department. This year, I have been blessed to lead a passionate staff as we seek to daily teach and positively direct students’ lives.

At ISQ, we understand the complexity of living in a place outside of our country of origin. Like many of our students, I grew up in an environment that was a mixture of cultures. If you ask me where I come from, well, that is always a hard question for me to answer, and the simple reply is, I am an Indian/Malaysian/Australian who is now currently living in China! Our shared experience of living abroad at ISQ drives a deep desire to celebrate our student body’s diversity through the way we teach and interact with students.

So how does ISQ care for your child during the crucial middle school years? Well, I would summarize the middle school student experience at ISQ using 5 Es:

  • Excellence in Education – we have teachers who understand the developmental levels of our students and aim to give them the best educational experience by looking at curriculum from around the world.
  • Exploration – along with our excellent education, we offer a range of electives and extra-curricular activities that give students the time to explore their interests and improve their abilities.
  • Events – our students have many opportunities to be a part of events either as a whole school, whole division, or within their grades. These include cultural events, fall and spring trips, and social events.
  • Expression – students have many venues to express themselves in and out of the classroom through arts, drama, music, and photography.
  • Endeavour for Truth – students are living in an age where they are exposed to many philosophies. It is our goal to guide them through their journey of what is true and what is false. We also strive to create a safe environment in which they can express themselves.

If your student already attends ISQ, my staff and I want to say thank you for your support. If you are considering ISQ as an educational option, we extend our warmest welcome and hope to see you soon!


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Middle School Activities

In middle school, we believe in giving kids lots of options. That’s why we offer a variety of activities to stimulate your growing student’s mind.

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