Qingdao has been my home since 2006 when I moved to China with my family. As a mother of two school age children, I believe that a high-quality education in a safe and inclusive environment is essential for children who live outside their home country. I know from personal experience that ISQ provides those important components, creating an environment where children can learn solid values and grow as true international citizens.

Thank you for your interest in the International School of Qingdao. Founded in 1996, ISQ is the oldest and the largest international school in Qingdao. ISQ is a multicultural, private, and non-profit day school offering an international curriculum guided by Western based values and principles. We are truly an international school with students ages 3-18 representing 17 countries and a professional staff of over 150 members from 11 countries.

The ISQ admissions team looks forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the school. If you are visiting Qingdao, please contact us in advance so we can arrange a personal tour of our campuses.

Once again, thank you for your interest in ISQ. I look forward to meeting you and your family soon.


ISQ does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or ethnic origin in its admissions or in any school programs.


Students must meet the following admissions requirements:

  • Possess a foreign (non-PRC) passport
    • As per Chinese law, ISQ cannot admit children who are citizens of Mainland China
  • Demonstrate age-appropriate adequacy in the English language as determined by assessment
  • Have a basic level of educational aptitudes and skills as determined by interview, assessment, and educational records
  • All new students must have a doctor complete a 2018-2019 Physical Exam Form.


Step 1: Fill out the online application here. (10 minutes)

Step 2: Scan and email all required documents (both parents’ and the applying student’s passport and visa information and previous school report cards/transcripts) to ISQ Admissions office (admissions@isqchina.com). (10 minutes)

Step 3: An Admissions representative will phone you within 1 working day to set up an admissions test and/or school tour. (1 working day)

Step 4: Complete the admissions test and interview. (2-3 hours)

Step 5: The test and interview results are analyzed. This step is crucial in determining an applicant’s academic proficiency and must be discussed among a committee of staff from various sectors of the school. (1-2 days)

Step 6: Once a student is accepted to ISQ and registration fees are paid, parents will receive an email from the ISQ Student Services Department informing them of when the first day of school will begin. (1-2 days after proof of payment is received)

Starting Dates:

The beginning of a semester

Students applying for the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of second semester will be contacted by the Student Services Department with information about New Student Orientation to take place one day before school starts.


The time from acceptance to the first day of school is approximately 5 working days.

The Admissions office arranges for New Student Orientation with the Student Services Department. If there is a delay in submitting registration information or fees for any reason, the time between acceptance and the student’s first day may also be delayed.

Day 1: Acceptance email received

Days 1-3: Pay registration and any (lunch/transportation optional ) fees. Send bank deposit slip to ISQ Admissions office (admissions@isqchina.com ) . The sooner this is received, the sooner the student can begin school.

Day 4: Prepare for student’s orientation

Day 5: Orientation for parents and student (half a day)

Day 6: First day of school

Some applicants who are minimally below our English proficiency standard may be accepted as an English Language Learner (ELL). These applicants may require further testing before receiving an admissions decision.


You may fill out an online application form by clicking here.

You must print out ISQ’s 2018-2019 Physical Exam Form and have it completed by a medical doctor before the first day of school.

Tuition & Fees

Refer to the following forms for tuition payment options. All tuition is in Chinese renminbi (RMB).


Early Childhood Center (ECC Age 3-5)

The student may undergo short grade level readiness interviews with a teacher of the relevant grade level.


Grade 1 – Grade 12

Once a test date is decided upon, a student will undergo a series of reading, written, spoken and listening tests to determine if the student is academically and socially ready for the grade level being applied for.

This written assessment will measure the ability of a student to read and write in English, and the interviews will measure the student’s ability to listen and speak in English. Both parts of the admissions assessment may require other academic skills as well. After the admissions assessment is completed, the parents will be informed of the results via email and phone. Upon acceptance, any ELL recommendations and placements will be made as necessary.

Mathematics and Chinese level assessments

After being accepted to ISQ and during the orientation process, the student will be given a mathematics and a Chinese test to determine which class level they will attend.

Parental Presence

ISQ does not offer boarding or home stay facilities for students.

We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. Cooperation between the school and the home is necessary to ensure that students reach their fullest potential. As a result, and in the best interest of the student, ISQ has established the following guidelines concerning residency of parents:

  • At least one parent or guardian must have full-time residency in Qingdao.
  • Guardians are only permitted to function in lieu of parents in unusual circumstances with the permission of the school administration.
  • If both parents of a Grade 9-12 student must leave Qingdao during the school year but would prefer to leave their child(ren) in the school until the end of the semester, an appropriate guardian must be appointed and school approval must be obtained as soon as possible.
  • An ayi does not constitute an appropriate guardian for a child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the admissions forms?

You may fill out an online application form by clicking here.


The forms below are provided for your convenience. You may mail, fax, or deliver them to our office personally. You may also contact our office for physical copies of these forms.


Student Physical Evaluation Form

2018-2019 Physical Exam Form


New Student Tuition 2018-2019

  ISQ Bank Payment Information

When can I apply?

ISQ accepts applications for admission throughout the school year. However, applications for admission after the beginning of the 4th quarter are generally not accepted and will only be considered for exceptional circumstances.

When I fill out the application form, what am I committing to?

Filling out the application form simply helps the ISQ Admissions Department track your child’s progress through our system. There is no official commitment to attend ISQ.

What is ISQ's enrollment priority policy?

ISQ adheres to the following enrollment priority policy:

  1. Children of ISQ’s parent company, LDi, staff and associates
  2. Children who speak English fluently
  3. Brothers and sisters of students already attending ISQ
  4. Children who do not speak English fluently

Is there a waiting list?

If a student meets the admissions requirements but there is no space available, he or she may be placed on a waiting list. Students will be added to this list according to the enrollment criteria. This waiting list is dissolved at the end of the school year and parents need to re-apply if they wish to be considered for enrollment for the following school year. ISQ strongly encourages parents to look for other educational options while their child is on the waiting list.

If my child fails the admissions test, when is the earliest they may test again?

Applicants who do not meet the minimum admissions testing requirements must wait three months before they may take another admissions test.

Does ISQ admit students with learning disabilities?

ISQ will make every effort to meet the needs of each child we admit. Unfortunately, we are not able to meet the needs of students with severe learning disabilities at this time. Parents are expected to inform the school if their child has a known learning disability.